In the News This Week

Here at The Evergreen Agency we’ve been embracing the new season. Autumn, for us, is a time for big, cosy jumpers, crisp country walks and search engine optimisation. What? Well, nothing stops in the land of SEO – as you well know by now!

So here we are with our usual weekly roundup, bringing you what’s hot in the world of SEO and a few autumnal treats along the way. It’s going to be a good one…

We’ll start with this: a piece from Search Engine Journal which brings you five elements every website must have to increase sales. While it is a sponsored post – via the site Fiverr – it offers some useful tips any small to medium-sized business can make the most of.

Meanwhile, in what – at first glance – seems something of an unconventional post for the folks over at’s blog, when you delve deeper, there’s some great advice to be gleaned here.

In the piece, ‘Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services and You Should, Too’, its author Ryan Stewart explains how and why SEO’s changing. But don’t be put off; while the industry’s not exactly what it once was – with ‘pay-to-play’ now very much the order of the day – there’s still plenty about the practice companies like yours can benefit from. How? Get in touch with us here at The Evergreen Agency and we’ll talk through the best options for you, keeping in mind your unique objectives and, of course, budget.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of SEO not being quite what it was, we thought we’d share with you this. It’s a post via the folks over at Search Engine Watch and it asks the question: ‘Do you have to come first in search anymore’? In the article, Christopher Ratcliff explains all about a change in search behaviour – and it’s a result of rich media. Find out more here; we reckon this is a piece to pore over during your lunch, pen and paper in hand. And while you’re at that, we thought you might like to tuck into this autumnal delight via Jamie Oliver – it’ll warm your cockles no end. You can thank us later.

While we were waxing lyrical about the onset of autumn in the very intro of this piece, as search marketers it’s important we don’t get complacent: planning is key. But don’t be thrown into a panic with the onset of the festive period this year; Search Engine Land aims to bring about an office-wide state of zen, thanks to one of its most recent pieces. It’s another thorough article from the site, but it’s a good ‘un, taking you through some key holiday trends you won’t want to gloss over.

And as organic content is undoubtedly some of the very best you can create, take a look at this piece by SEO Nick. It’s your one-stop-shop – or blog – for creating a post in just a few hours that gets 100s of shares. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Put some of the tips into practice and see if it brings you the results you’re looking for.

Until next time…