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So we’ve been The Evergreen Agency (a rebrand from Evergreen SEO) for a week or so now – and lots of change are still afoot!

If you haven’t had a look at our service offering here on the site, make sure you do. As well as helping businesses like yours with search engine optimisation, we can also lend a hand with everything from content to social media management, too.

We hope your week’s got off to a good start – it’s always the sign of a good Monday ahead when the sun’s shining! But if, like us, you feel like Monday always comes round a little too quickly, you could probably do with a nudge in the right direction. With that in mind, here’s our weekly roundup of what’s going on in the world of SEO – it might just give you some much-needed inspiration when it comes to optimising your website and your week. Read on…

Our friends over at shared this with us late last week – and we thought you might like to have a look at it, too. The article: ‘What Influences Online Consumers the Most’ is an insightful study via Jason O Connor at the SEO site.

If you’ve ever wondered what exactly it is that makes people buy from your website, this meta study should shed some light on what’s working and what isn’t – check it out.

On another note, have you heard about Google Console’s new voice search reporting? As featured on one of our go-to SEO blogs, the news – via Search Engine Land – suggests that the search engine is hinting that it might bring voice query reporting to its Console functionality.

The article’s author explains: “Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller said in a Google hangout, at the 23-minute mark, that Google is looking for ways to show webmasters in the Google Search Console how people are finding their pages through voice search.” Just when you thought you were getting up to speed with all of the latest digital developments, eh?!

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the Internet we found this great little piece over on the Top Rank Blog. It’s not as recent a post than the ones featured here in our roundup – having gone live a couple of months ago now – but we couldn’t let this article go by without mentioning it.

The piece: ‘How to Address Technical SEO Issues to Increase Content Visibility’ has small to medium-sized businesses’ names written all over it. Why? The fact is, as the article’s author states in the piece itself, “Websites that don’t work and are hard to navigate can be an incredibly frustrating experience for any user.”

So, what can you do to improve users’ experiences and make sure your site is much easier to locate? You’ll want to click the link above, that’s what; it’s packed with useful tips you can apply to your own website and that of others – if, like us, you work with small businesses, too.

Moving over to now, it’s Rand Fishkin’s latest Whiteboard Friday instalment – and, as ever, it’s a good ‘un. The piece and accompanying video focuses on on-page SEO and the ‘8 principles for success’.

Rand suggests that SEO is no longer a simple matter of ‘checking things off a list’. It’s more complex than that – and in 2016 more than ever. Make sure you explore Rand’s eight simple principles for better SEO practice going forwards.

Do you adopt a consumer mind-set when it comes to your SEO strategy? That’s the advice from the forward-thinking folks over at Search Engine Watch – another of our bookmarked SEO sites here at The Evergreen Agency.

Due to the fact search engines are continually adjusting algorithms to better match how consumers conduct their searches, it’s important we all stay ahead of the game. We’ll leave you with this final thought via the Search Engine Watch article: “Consumers aren’t born in a vacuum, nor do they live in one. They’re inundated with a brand’s messages, ideas, discussions, and controversy across all of their digital and offline encounters.”

Until next time…