In the News This Week

Christmas is next week. We repeat, Christmas is next week! How on earth did that happen?! Alongside interviewing for new The Evergreen Agency recruits and buying a coffee machine that’ll give the ones in Costa a run for their money, this week has seen us put some steps in place to wind down ahead of December 25.

Of course, you can’t plan to take things steadier without a mountain-load of work in the meantime. So let’s just say we can’t wait for a long-awaited – and much-deserved – break. And we bet our clients feel exactly the same. With festive AdWords campaigns to push and a whole lot more on our (festive) plates besides, it’s a wonder any of us have had time to ‘deck the halls’ and ‘rock around the Christmas tree’.

Everything stops for our In the News roundup posts though, so we’re here as usual bringing you a quick run through of what’s been going on in the last seven days. Brace yourselves, it’s a good one…

We’ll start with this post from Search Engine Watch, as it’s one of the most insightful we’ve seen this week. While it’s US-focused, the blog ‘How US Consumers Are Researching Holiday Gift Ideas in 2015’ contains a host of tips we can all put into practice.

Google has estimated that 30% of all online purchases are now made on a mobile phone, with retailers ‘fighting for shoppers’ attention across more devices and channels than ever before.” What’s more, 20% of people recently surveyed admitted that when it comes to shopping, they won’t use anything but their phone to make a purchase.

Of course, this begs the question: ‘is your site optimised for mobile users’? But more than that, are you putting other steps in place to make the most of this recent surge in shopping via mobile? According to the piece, even sites like Instagram and Facebook are vital when it comes to selling your services and products to your customers. Check the piece out before getting on board with some of the tactics other retailers are using to market themselves and their stock.

The AimClear site also waxes lyrical about the power of social media this week – even more proof that it’s worth signing up for a brand page during the busy Christmas shopping season and in general. In the piece, ‘Social Marketing Cluster Facts…’, Lea Scudamore primarily discusses the benefits of Facebook and Twitter via a quick four-minute video. No time to watch now? Bookmark it later and find out the facts!

We’d also like to point you in the direction of a few useful articles over on MozBlog. The first is this one, which suggests that Microsoft Edge is the new Internet Explorer. It’s an offshoot of the new Windows 10 and it’s Microsoft’s flagship web browser. The benefits? In short, it makes things easier for SEO professionals, alongside those wanting to make the most of search engine optimisation techniques to boost their brand. Intrigued? Don’t forget to find out more, over here.

While we’re on the MozBlog, then, it’s well worth checking out this article: ‘Great SEO Starts with Your Brand’, which looks at how you can better understand the goals of your company to ensure an increase in traffic.

Finally, the third article on our MozBlog recommended reading list is Ciaran Murphy’s ‘The Day Remarketing Changed Forever’. Ciaran talks about the ‘day Google AdWords changed forever’ in its bid to allow Analytics remarketing audiences to be available for advertisers on search. Take a look at Ciaran’s article and corresponding video blog (on the link above) to find out more.

We’re harping on about mobile search again, by alerting you to this piece on the Yoast blog. It gives you a handy link to a Google-devised ‘Mobile-friendly test’ to help you suss out if your site is optimised to work on mobile devices – give it a try.

Until next time, folks… oh and a very Happy Christmas.