In the News This Week

Well, it’s been a busy few days for news: this – and then this! Ahem. But we’re not here to talk politics. That’s right; it’s that time again: time to fill you in on all the latest goings on in that ever-changing world of SEO. So, let’s go…it’s a good one this week!

We’ll start with’s insightful blog – an ever-reliable source for SEO. If you’ve sorted this season’s marketing strategy, you’ll definitely want to check out this piece. Published just a day or so ago and written by the website’s Kristi Hines, the article goes into detail about how you might best incorporate keywords into your marketing efforts. The key here, it seems, is not to neglect social media. This happens a lot, in a company’s race to update their own website. But the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can’t be overlooked. Pop on over to read the article to discover why, as well as to pick up some top tips.

Meanwhile, over on Search Engine Land – another favourite here at The Evergreen Agency – news has just landed that Apple’s Siri and Spotlight Search has got smarter when it comes to ios 9. While the piece suggests that ‘new sources continue to push Google to the edge of Apple’s search ecosystem’, Google Now has other ideas, remaining ahead on predictions.

Out yesterday (September 16), the latest version of the Apple operating system beings with it a host of improvements to its popular personal assistant – and you’ll find a rundown of all the new features on the Search Engine Land piece. In fact, the site is definitely one to head back to in general. If you find yourself with a spare few minutes between meetings, check it out; you’ll pick up everything from hints and tips on an SEO front, to up-to-the-minute news.

Hopping over to Search Engine Watch, then, we thought we’d alert you to this: a piece focusing on five AdWord filters designed to make your life easier. In it, its author explains the ins and outs of AdWord filters, letting us in on why they’re absolutely essential for giving us a quick view of how well a site is performing. The biggest point to come out of the article is that keeping an eye on these filters will help you flag up – more quickly, at least – if a particular problem needs your attention. Take a look at the piece today, as it may aid you in determining if everything’s tickety-boo on your own site.

Remaining for a minute on Search Engine Watch, we thought you might like this piece about guest posting. With businesses coming to us for good quality posts that help drive traffic to their site from elsewhere around the net, we thought it was high time we touched on the subject. So if guest posting, or the mere idea of it, goes over your head, you can do a lot worse than simply swotting up by reading this informative piece.

Discussing the value of blogging for others, the article touches on the pros and cons of obtaining links from external sites – but we’d like to know, what do you think? For many of our clients, guest blogging has proved a huge success in terms of traffic.

Before we sign off for this week, we’ll leave you with this. As controversial as Jeremy Corbyn choosing not to belt out the National Anthem earlier this week, this Google news is a shocker. In fact, we really think you should sit down.

Until next time…