In the News This Week

The big news this week in the SEO and online marketing world is another Google update has just been released over the past few days and despite all the speculation it is not a “Panda” update. Now for anyone who doesn’t know, Panda is a content related algorithm update and many suspected the next update out of Google would be one to Panda. Not so and up to this point Google has not provided much information as to what exactly the update is, only saying what it isn’t.

Search Engine Land was one of the first to report on their being a core Google update, Dr Peter Meyers of Moz also wrote a post as there was a huge spike on Moz Cast (Moz Cast is a forecast of keyword and SERP movement across hundreds of websites and helps to give an idea of how volatile the search results are day by day).

As ever with most information we hear from Google it is US centric and with this update it’s interesting as they only began seeing changes at the start of this week, whereas we have seen for ourselves and from speaking to others that some sizeable changes were occurring as early as the end of last week (11th, 12th June). Was the UK a testing ground for the big US rollout of this update? We will probably never know but it wouldn’t be the first time that has happened.

Have you seen any significant movement in either your keyword rankings or traffic over the past 7-10 days? Positive or negative I would love to hear from you and get your take on what you’re seeing. Leave a comment below or email me on:

In other news

Gary Illyes of Google posted a valid remark on Google+ this week about ensuring the body content on your website doesn’t have any noindex directives within in. I mention this as we audited a website this week for a client and found their development team had accidently no indexed the vast majority of their website pages, which resulted in those pages being discounted and ignored by search engines. The knock on effect of this, as you might expect was a significant drop in traffic and loss of keyword rankings. Something to be mindful of, especially if you’re building a new website or planning on doing so.

If you read last week’s update you will remember I mentioned Thumbtack, the Google backed company that were penalised for unnatural linking. Well less than 7 days after being Google-slapped, they are back and not just partially but right back in the number one spot on Google. Now for those of you who do not know, when you’re hit with a manual penalty as Thumbtack were Google advises you clean up the manipulative links created and prove to Google you have done so by sending them documentation of the actions taken and prove you have done all you can to clean up your act.

Needless to say this process often takes weeks or months and once complete you must submit a reconsideration request to Google and their web spam team will then consider this and look at the evidence in front of them. What is interesting about Thumbtack is that they supposedly did all this within a week. Many SEO’s this week have been crying foul and asking if they received preferential treatment by being a Google backed company? According to Google’s John Mueller that had nothing to do with it and so long as you can prove you have done your best to clean up your act and submitted a great reconsideration request you can be free of a manual penalty in days, not weeks so take note and if you’ve been hit with a manual penalty, act fast and ensure you follow Google’s best practice guidelines for removing a manual penalty.

Alterntively of course if you have any concerns about manual penalties, algorithmic penalties or just want to improve your online performance, get in touch.