In the News This Week

This week’s In the News post comes to you from a very cold and crisp Bicester. We’re now well and truly settled into our Oxfordshire home, warming our fingers by typing furiously to bring you all the latest – and greatest – in SEO this week. And let me tell you, there’s a lot to be going at! Read on…

We’ll start with Search England Land – we can always rely on that gem of a site when it comes to the hottest news in search engine optimisation. This week is no exception, with all manner of updates listed in article form over on its well-read blog.

We were like kids in the proverbial sweet shop when it came to catching up on the week’s news over on the site; so much has happened we didn’t know where to start. But in the end, we all agreed this would be as good a place as any to begin.

It’s Stephan Spencer’s blog about keyword opportunities; apparently, they’re all sitting right under our noses. Seriously though, if you’re looking to remain at the top of your game when it comes to SEO, you can do a lot worse than check out Stephan’s piece. In it, he talks about the chances you may be missing out on when it comes to increasing your rankings, traffic and, more importantly, conversions. Going into detail about some of the best platforms to help you identify the most popular of your relevant keywords, Stephan gives examples of how you can hone your keyword search even further. If you only read one article this week, make it this one.

Of course, there’s also plenty more handy pieces you’ll want to scroll through on Search Engine Land. That place is an absolute mecca for all things SEO, with new pieces uploaded daily. We got a lot out of this blog about hour-by-hour SEO trends, as well as this one on about the almost-unlikely power of Pinterest.

Meanwhile, over on MozBlog, someone hit publish on this informative article. ‘When Data Just Isn’t Enough: The Hidden Context That’s Key to Content Loyalty’ debunks the myth that data is, in fact, not enough when it comes to telling the story of your brand’s rankings. Ronnell Smith, the article’s author says: ‘in this world, things change constantly and often without warning, a fact that cannot be accounted for data alone.” So, what can poor or boosted rankings be attributed to? Head over to Ronnell’s blog to discover more.

On Search Engine Round Table, one of the site’s writers has devised a poll which simply asks: ‘Are you a link disavower?’ Get involved over on the blog by sharing your answers; there’s much speculation about the number of brands disavowing links, with the author of the post suggesting he’s never done it, with others fessing up to say they have. Which camp are you in?

With Christmas on the horizon, we thought we’d sign off with this. It’s Search Engine Watch’s piece on preparing your e-commerce SEO strategy ahead of the festive break. Matt Holly (appropriately festive name) talks the Christmas ‘code freeze’ – a period where no developments on a website are allowed to launch, usually in order to minimise errors over the peak shopping season. Find out what a recent study had to say about people’s shopping spend over the season – and why Matt’s right about putting the necessary steps in place now to avoid risk later.

Until next time, folks – when we’re sure it’ll be even colder and even more crisp here in Bicester.

Have a great week!