In the News This Week

We’re trying to resist the urge to spout off about how January’s almost over – and who can believe it? – but in doing that, we’ve sort of already said it, haven’t we? But, you know, it has. The weeks and months are rolling by at the speed of light at the moment.

Of course, though, fast weeks don’t mean fewer news stories. Oh no, not in the world of ever-evolving Search Engine Optimisation! Here’s what’s been happening in the last seven days. Brace yourselves; there’s quite a bit to take in…

An ‘In the News’ post wouldn’t be the same without a mammoth Google update, so it’s a good job the search engine introduced a new one this last week. Joost de Valk, owner and CEO at Yoast, explains all when it comes to the widespread update of SERPs (search engine result pages), in particular – don’t forget to swat up by clicking the link over.

If this week’s Google updates haven’t fazed you, perhaps instead you’re looking to plough all your energy into something you know more about: content. And if you want to know even more about creating great content, you’ll want to check out this piece by

The article in question is a toolkit to help you perfect your content marketing strategy. Its writer, Fenja Villeumier, quite rightly points out that the way in which you plan out your copywriting plan is crucial for long-term marketing success – and she’s not wrong! Remember that old adage: fail to prepare, prepare to fail? It pretty much rings true when it comes to ensuring the copy you put live across both your site and social channels is both timely and relevant. Find out more by clicking on the link aboce – reading this one piece could be the difference between a highly engaged audience and a not-very-interested one.

On a similar note, Neil Patel at QuickSprout gives you six simple ways to make your blog posts more actionable, not just this year but all year round. Neil touches on why actionable content is difficult to make; find out more in his piece, which went live just under a week ago.

Of course, you can ensure your audience is switched on in all sorts of ways – and did you know a post featuring a captivating image is far more likely to grab the attention of your reader than one with reams of text? It stands to reason really, doesn’t it?

A picture paints a thousand words, you know – and guess what, you can get a picture or two (or 300!) for absolutely nothing via a host of photo-sharing sites. Simply take a look at this piece by the folks over at Search Engine Journal – and start adding eye-catching imagery to your archived posts. You never know who might read them…

Meanwhile, on the very same site, you must check out this piece about key word research and SEO trends for 2016. Talking you through the very basics, from where to start to tips on finding related key words, this should be your go-to guide when it comes to boosting your site via cleverly-chosen phrases and terms.

Psst! Have you caught on to the power of Instagram yet, particularly when it comes to pushing your brand out to a different – and probably, younger – audience? The HubSpot site brings you some hints and tips for making the site work for you. It’s not all about fancy filters and pouty poses, you know. See how you get on!

Until next time…

PS: We’ll leave you with this, if you can get your head round it. It’s Matt Cutts’ ‘Gadgets, Google, and SEO’ blog post – and it’ll spark a little bit of interest in the problem solvers amongst you.