In the News This Week

With the Olympics now over (sob!), our weekends will no doubt soon be filled up with extra work again. After all, there’s no stopping for a break in this game; the world of SEO is fast-paced and ever-changing.

So, what has been happening in the Search Engine Optimisation arena over the last week or so? Thankfully for you, we’ve been able to tear ourselves away from the office TV (Usain Bolt, though – how good is he?!) for long enough to see what useful nuggets of information are out there on the Internet this week. And there’s a few, let us tell you. Read on…

Now, have you been keeping up with the Pokémon Go phenomenon? Whether you’re a fan or not, this article by the folks over at Search Engine Land might be of interest. It talks about how the app can help generate SEO and foot traffic and offers a few instances whereby you can use it to your advantage – head over there and find out more.

Rand Fishkin’s latest Whiteboard Friday video and blog article takes a look at Google’s public statements about SEO. Stating that we often take the words of Google representatives as edict and law, he goes on to say how important it is that we understand subtleties, as well as allow for clarification with time. Make sure you click the link above to discover some angles to consider ‘to help you stay grounded when the “Big G” makes a statement about SEO.’

And while you’re on the Moz site, take a look at this article by the site’s Talia Wolf. It focuses on responsive web design and how it could well be killing up to two-thirds of your conversions – head over there now to discover how to fix the issue though.

Speaking of Google-related changes, the site is testing image thumbnails in mobile search results again. The search engine tried this tactic back in December 2014 and now they’re giving it another go to see how it can ensure a more user-friendly experience.

Moving on…

Have you seen Backlinko’s SEO tips article? There’s a whopping 201 hints and pieces of advice in the guide – and we reckon you’ll get a lot out of it. Though it was published a little over a week ago, we thought we’d include it here anyway, the good news is many of the tips within it aren’t time-sensitive.  The article’s author says each and every one of these tips is 100% actionable – so what are you waiting for?

Oh, and here’s a piece which just went live today. It’s HubSpot’s guide to revamping your advertising strategy while keeping today’s customers in mind – take a look by clicking the link above.

Speaking of strategy, actually, this article by the guys over at Branded3 will certainly get you thinking. The blog – ‘Why You Need to Start Asking More Questions’ – discusses the importance of getting to know your customer before you begin working on that brief. It’s something we do all the time here at The Evergreen Agency, really doing our best to get into our clients’ heads before putting ours together to devise a relevant, targeted plan of action.

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Until next time…