In the News This Week

Once again, it’s been a hectic old week in the world of SEO. It’s been so busy, in fact, that eagle-eyed The Evergreen Agency blog readers may have noticed we’ve neglected this here space on the Internet a little of late.

But never fear! We’re back today with some interesting updates we think might help you when it comes to boosting your business from a search engine optimisation perspective.

To start, Brian Dean at Backlinko shared this useful blog post detailing 16 ways you can use SEO copywriting tactics to ultimately drive more traffic to your site. It’s an absolute hub of information, including how to get back links and a great intro formula you’ve simply got to read.

Moving over to SEO Round Table, there’s an update on the Google Panda…err…update we mentioned in our previous post. The writer of the blog talks about a possible ‘Phantom Tremor’, or what’s also come to be known as the ‘June 16th Google Update’ that the search engine team previously denied. Apparently, there may have been a ‘tweak to the algorithm in core search’, which is why ‘Google didn’t confirm it’. Interested to know more? Head over to the SEO Round Table site.

Meanwhile, on, the site’s owners put together a really handy piece about optimising images in blog posts to ensure you’re getting the very best out of your content.

In a nutshell, the author of the article – which was published on Tuesday, July 21 – says that photos should no longer be ‘an afterthought’ when it comes to blogging. Not only do they make your content look good, they’re also helping your well-crafted copy and its corresponding site/page move further up Google. And, of course, a higher page rank can mean only one thing: increased long-term sales.

The piece says to start by amending your file name, before filling out the alt text box and writing a photo description. Though this is not quite a news story – many of you are already well aware of ways in which to give your content a leg up to boosted rankings – we thought it was well worth bookmarking.

In other news…

Also available to view via Search Engine Journal, this piece talked of new developments on social picture sharing site Instagram. The networking platform has recently announced that it’ll be bringing the search functionality of its mobile app to desktop; great news for those without smart phones, then.

Currently, for example, Instagram and its features aren’t available on Blackberry, so this will prove useful for anyone who’s long wanted to enjoy the good bits of Instagram without upgrading their phone.

Of course, this new functionality will boost SEO as it gives users the chance to search everything from hashtags to location tags. Gradually becoming more desktop-friendly, Instagram is coming on in leaps and bounds and will help business owners who currently use the platform to be even more active online.

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