In the News This Week

As we move into the last working week of the month, we’re reflecting on how much we’ve accomplished in the first half of the year – and it’s a lot!

We’ve taken on new staff members, introduced a host of exciting first-time Evergreen clients and rebranded. We’ve gone from Evergreen SEO to The Evergreen Agency, which means we can offer a whole lot more than search engine optimisation.

If you haven’t yet had a good look around our site, now might be the time to do so. Some of the businesses we work with tell us summer’s the busiest period for them, so why not see how we can help?

In the meantime, though, perhaps our weekly ‘In the News’ post will give you some much-needed inspiration when it comes to the things you’re working on this week. So grab a refreshingly cold drink, throw open those windows (we bet this week’s going to be another scorcher!) and read on…

SEO is all about words – the right ones for your audience and those that best reflect your business. But alongside well-chosen keywords, visuals are important too – and the Moz team reveal why in one of the site’s latest posts.

‘How to Create Images that Attract and Convince Your Target Niche’ does exactly what it says on the tin – and if your strategy’s fallen a little flat, this could be just the thing to get on board with. The clever people at Search Engine Watch have created a similar piece as well – mosey on over there to have a read.

Moving over to Yoast, here’s another content-related piece you might want to read. It focuses on duplicated copy and how it may just be affecting your SEO ranking – and your business in general.

Hoping to improve your local SEO? Here’s how. In an article by the folks at Search Engine Land, you can discover more about how you can spend ‘more time doing great work and less time putting out fires’. If your company has a local presence, it may be an idea to put some of these tips into action.

Now forgive us for a second, as we’re about to draw your attention to something which didn’t go live in the last week but a few months ago now. It’s a YouTube video by Kate Toon; in it, she asks: ‘How can I optimise for multi-location businesses?’.

Kate’s a UK-born, Australia-based copywriter and she knows a thing or two about SEO herself, having had to implement some search engine optimisation techniques into her own work for many years. The Sydney copywriter has a really friendly approach – and alongside her SEO-related videos over on her YouTube channel, there’s also some pretty useful short clips about content. Make sure you take a look!

If you’ve set up a company blog (or a personal one) and need a helping hand getting it out there, you might want to take some time reading this. It’s a piece by Andrew Wise – founder of the Wise Startup Blog – and it’s his take on how best to promote your own blog.

Featuring 30 article promotional strategies that helped Andrew achieve 97 backlinks and 589 shares in under a month, the piece will ensure the post you’ve spent so long creating works as hard as possible for you. If you’re looking for thousands of backlinks and shares, take some time to at least read the article – who knows, it could be just what you need to help attract the engagement you’re looking for.

Oh, and while you’re at it, head to our blog here at The Evergreen Agency. It’s there you’ll find all our weekly news round ups and it’s really not a bad idea to delve into the archives a bit. While some of the pieces are certainly relevant only to the particular week they were published, there are tips featured within them which can be made use of all year round.

Until next time…