In the News This Week

How was your weekend? Ours absolutely whizzed by and now we’re back on it here in The Evergreen Agency office, with renewed motivation and a to-do list as long as our arms – thank God for a two-day break!

Of course, this weekend’s a long one (yippee!), but while that means an extra day to soak up some rays (here’s hoping), it also means today is technically Tuesday as far as the working week goes – argghh!

If you feel like your workload’s getting on top of you though, never fear; we’re here to bring you some much-needed SEO inspiration in the form of our ‘In the News’ roundup blog.

Before we get into it though, we wanted to draw your attention to this – just in case you missed it in last week’s post. The team here at The Evergreen Agency is giving back to small and medium-sized businesses via some free digital marketing advice – you won’t want to miss this if your SEO efforts could do with a nudge in the right direction.

Speaking of which, we think you’ll like one of the latest pieces from our friends over at Search Engine Land. Google is planning to bring featured snippets and rich results filters to its Search Engine Analytics report – and we thought you might be interested to know. Find out more about what that means for you and your business by clicking the link above.

Plus, don’t forget to have a good old nosey around the Search Engine Land site in general. In the past week alone, the team behind the site have let us in on everything from Google Assistant to a brand new capability via the search engine which allows you to conduct a search using only emojis. We’re not quite sure how and why this will catch on, but hey ho.

Here’s something slightly different now…

Many of our clients use email marketing as a means to reach out to their customers – and we think this piece via HubSpot is well worth bookmarking. The article focuses on the most common mistakes made in e-marketing, and shares six tips for maintaining quality by ensuring said mistakes don’t happen again.

Whether you’re an e-marketing newbie or you consider yourself a pro, you’ll probably want to click on the link and swot up.

One of the tips is this: don’t let a robot do all the writing. The fact is, too many people rely on third party gadgets and tools to populate their emails with content – but as you probably well know, Google – and your customers, for that matter – likes original, authoritative content. So if you’re planning to position your newsletter online, too, it’s definitely worth bearing that in mind.

On a slightly different note, did you know we now offer social media management as a service here at The Evergreen Agency? If you’re short of time or resources, we can ensure your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest accounts are populated with good, shareable content.

Managing your own Facebook page for the time-being? If you’re looking for a few pointers on making sure social media management is even easier, you could do a lot worse than check out this piece by Wordtracker. It combines all sorts of tools and tricks for businesses like yours, who are using social media as another means to communicate with customers – don’t forget to check it out.

Of course, our weekly roundup post wouldn’t be the same without a reference to and its insightful articles. And since we’ve been talking a lot about communicating with your customers, we just had to mention this piece over on the site.

It’s an article and video via the hardworking Moz team, which looks at brand value and customer loyalty – don’t miss it!

Until next time…