In the News This Week

As we reach the end of the financial year, we’ve been reflecting on what a great 12 months it’s been here at The Evergreen Agency.

In a relatively short space of time, we’ve moved into our lovely new offices in Bicester and welcomed two new full-time members of staff to the team. If you’ve got a minute or two, why not take a look at our new and improved team page? It’s recently gone live and it features each and every person who makes up our ever-growing company.

As we edge closer to the end of April, then, we’re asking you this: ‘how’s 2015/16 been for you?’ We hope it’s been a fruitful year for your own business and that you continue to get lots of lovely, organic traffic to your website. But if you require a boost on that front, you’ve stumbled on our blog on the right day – here’s our weekly round-up of what’s been happening in the world of search engine optimisation…

We’ll start with this. It’s a piece via the folks at Cognitive SEO – and it’s for those of you who’re looking to give email marketing a go this year. The blog’s author, Cornelia Cozmiuc, says that as a result of social media and online advertising, email marketing seems to have taken a hit.

But, the good news is, there are ways you can still make this more ‘traditional’ form of marketing work for you. Cornelia says that ‘going through the motions and sending out weekly or monthly newsletters isn’t enough anymore’. It’s about creating a strategy that’ll see you right not just today, but long-term – take a look at the piece and pick up some top tips.

Moving on…

How do you do SEO? Over on the Hobo site, Shaun Anderson posted a great piece last week which looks at the way we all go about making the most of search engine optimisation. Shaun says he misses the ‘old style of SEO which – of course – was a lot simpler to deploy.’

He goes on to say that he remembers ranking number one for ‘T in The Park Tickets’ the very day that T in the Park tickets went on sale. His tactic? To annoy ticket touts who wanted to make a quick buck. For a personal approach to SEO, we recommend you take a look at Shaun’s piece, if only to remind you of the ‘good old days’ of search engine optimisation.

Are you a multi-location business? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out one of the latest articles over on Search Engine Land. The piece ‘Why ‘Near Me’ is Important for Multi-Location Businesses’ discusses local search and how time-consuming and complicated it can be for a single location.

Meanwhile, it extols the virtues of ‘near me’ –  a search query in which people look for restaurants/bars and tube stations close to them. It’s worth knowing that Google noted that “near me” searches doubled in 2015 – and it’s a trend that’s just not going away, says Search Engine Land’s, Jason Decker.

Our weekly round-up post just wouldn’t be the same without a mention of and its own weekly series: Whiteboard Friday. Last week’s post was this one: ‘How to Influence Branded Searches and Search Volumes to Earn Big Rewards’.

If you prefer taking in SEO facts via video, then Rand Fishkin’s weekly musings are definitely for you. And while you’re over on the Moz site, make sure you also check out this pretty interesting piece by Kelsey Libert. It takes a look at what content marketing campaigns can teach us about earning links – and it’s well worth five or ten minutes of your day.

Until next time…