In the News This Week

It’s been another busy seven days for us here at The Evergreen Agency, with all hands on deck (or, on…er…computer keyboards!) as we keep our eyes peeled for a new recruit.

If you’re not yet in the know, we’re on the lookout for an SEO expert to help us on a freelance but permanent basis; you’ll need a passion for all things search engine optimisation and a willingness to get stuck in and help drive even more traffic to our site. Intrigued? See our careers page for more details.

In the meantime, it’s been all go outside of our ever-expanding team as well. As ever, there’s been all sorts of news going live on search engine optimisation blogs here, there and everywhere, with this update being one of last week’s key developments.

It’s Backlinko’s blog on Google search results – and more specifically, what its author, Brian Dean learned about SEO in relation to them. So, what did he glean then? He analysed a million (yep – one million!) Google search results in a bid to answer the question: ‘Which factors correlate with first page search engine rankings’?

To find out, Brian looked at content, backlinks and site speed – and you can discover more by clicking the link above. As ever, don’t forget to let us know your own thoughts.

HubSpot continues to keep its ever-informative blog up-to-date and this week was no exception. We loved one of the team’s latest posts: ‘Why You Won’t Recognize SEO in Five Years’, which was accompanied by a pretty amusing piece of artwork.

The writer of the article explains that we’ve all become quite good at evolving our playbooks when it comes to SEO – but the changes we’ve seen so far ‘are nothing compared to what’s coming next.’ Eeek!

We’re in the early stages of a new era of search, says Meghan Keaney Anderson of the well-read SEO blog. It’s an era ‘tied closely to more sophisticated patterns such as mobile, social and voice search, amongst other things,’ says Megan. Of course, it’s developments like these that we all need to be keeping abreast of; head over to the article itself to find out what’s to come and how it might affect you and your business.

While this YOAST piece was published a little over a week ago, we couldn’t let this round up blog go by without mentioning it. It asks: ‘What’s the mission of your website?’ – as without getting to grips with the answer to that one question, you’ll undoubtedly fail at the SEO game. Make sure you click the link above to get up to speed with best SEO practice if you’re the proud owner of a website you’d like to see rank.

Of course, good SEO doesn’t end with your website. Did you know, for example, that Facebook has added yet another feature to its back end? The social network’s new audience optimisation targeting is perfect for anyone looking to reach a higher number of potential customers.

How can the new tool ensure your well-written content makes its way onto people’s timelines, then? Head over to the Search Engine Watch blog and find out more.

On the content front, we’ve found another great article for you to swat up on. This time it’s the turn of Search Engine Land and its team to bring you invaluable knowledge and handy hints. The piece – ‘3 Methods for Defining Your SEO Content Needs’ – suggests you shouldn’t create content for the sake of it. Hey, we all knew already that didn’t we?! But the article does much more than state the obvious; take a look and see if you can utilise some of its top tips in your own marketing strategy.

Until next time…