In the News This Week

Well it’s certainly been a week of big news here in the UK; whether you voted to leave the EU or remain, change is definitely afoot.

And if you’re looking to switch up a few things in your own life and business, you’ll definitely want to check out this week’s ‘In the News’ post. We promise it’ll include all the usual useful nuggets of information you’ve come to expect from this weekly roundup and absolutely no politics talk whatsoever. I think we can all do with a little respite for a few minutes at least.

We’ll start with one of the latest blogs from Search Engine Journal. It offers tips on optimising your site for Google’s Answer Box – and if you don’t know what that is yet, it’s basically a tool which allows you to get the right answer for a question, without having to click through to a website. Giving you an immediate response to your query, it’s described by Search Engine Journal as both a blessing and a curse for website owners – find out why by clicking the link above.

Elsewhere on the Search Engine Journal site is this informative piece about social media posts. Social media management is something we’ve been doing a lot of here at The Evergreen Agency, since rebranding from Evergreen SEO a few short weeks back, so this article definitely piqued the team’s interest.

The Search Engine Journal piece – ‘What 16M+ of Social Media Posts Can Teach Us’ – looks at the state of social media advertising and how investing your money in driving engagement via platforms like Facebook can give your business a nudge in the right direction. Make sure you head over to the post to get the lowdown from the team at Buffer, who put the article together.

Here’s something else to think about, or rather ask yourself, today: ‘How do you know if you’re ahead of the competition when it comes to SEO?’ The folks over at Search Engine Guide have put together an article featuring six ways small businesses can stay out in front in the ever-competitive world of SEO. It’s about zeroing in on a particular niche first and foremost, says the blog’s author, Jayson DeMers; find out what else he suggests by heading across to the site.

Of course, it’s also about how you’re perceived by your audience; if people don’t like you and can’t get on board with the services you offer, how are you going to succeed in a crowded market? Well, you’re in luck, as Search Engine People have put fingers to keyboard to create this piece about how online reviews can impact your business – and for the better.

The process of monitoring and influencing your online reputation is, says the site’s team, a hugely important element when it comes to SEO. There’s no escaping the fact that most people read reviews of products or services before making a commitment to buy, so it really does make sense that you put some time into ensuring such testimonials don’t let you down.

Do you, for example, use social media to target your customers? If so, the latest Facebook news might interest you – head to Search Engine Watch to discover four new mobile ad formats to make your life even easier.

Finally, we couldn’t sign this blog off for another week without mentioning one of the more recent posts from those forward-thinking creatives over at Moz. The article – Context is King: A Million Examples of Creative Ad Campaigns Getting It Right – offers a little light relief in what’s been a challenging few days for us here in the UK. Enjoy – and grab yourself a fresh coffee while you’re at it.

Until next time…