In the News This Week

Phew! We thought the last few weeks were busy, but the past seven days have got to be the most hectic yet for The Evergreen Agency team. With a house move to contend with, we’ve also found time to interview some potential new recruits. And all between whizzing up and down the motorway to a host of new client meetings, stopping only for a quick service station brekkie to refuel on the way – you’ve gotta love a Costa croissant and coffee! So here goes – our usual roundup for the week:

Not sure where to start in the ever-frantic world of content marketing? We’re bringing you an early Christmas present via this Search Engine Land blog. Helping you calm your nerves when it comes to the ‘chaos of content’, this is an insightful piece which will help you put your company’s marketing strategy firming in place. Click the link above and you’ll be taken to a landing page leading to a free, downloadable guide, which will tell you all you need to know about marketing your content now and throughout the coming months.

Finding your feet in the world of pay per click ads? Like SEO, PPC can be a daunting prospect when you’re first setting out. But this blog by those clever folks at Search Engine Journal will help you write high quality clickable ads across almost any network. Posted yesterday (November 25), the article comes at the ideal time of year, as small businesses look to give their products and services a much-needed push ahead of December 25.

Not surprisingly, the first tip in the article’s well-researched list is to split test your ads – it really is one of the best ways to determine what is – and what definitely isn’t – working amongst your audience. If you haven’t got time to take in the facts now, bookmark the piece to come back to later.

Okay, so we’ve cheated a little by mentioning this piece – which wasn’t published in the past week, but went live around nine days ago. But we really didn’t think you’d mind; after all, it contains some really great, not-to-be-missed info.

If you’re someone who pings out blogs and other online content on autopilot – busy days in the office will do that to you – you’ll appreciate the tips featured in this Content Marketing Institute (CMI) piece. It advises you how to take proper, considered steps to avoiding legal action when it comes to the content you publish. Copyright is an often-talked-about, but little-understand premise, but it’s nevertheless important you know your stuff – make sure you swot up by heading over to CMI.

Amongst the obligatory Thanksgiving-inspired posts, some sites have been using the current US holiday as a starting point when it comes to thinking about marketing in November, December and beyond. HubSpot is just one site offering hints and tips for ensuring you have a decent strategy in place when it comes to boosting your brand’s profile over Christmas.

The piece: ‘The Holiday Marketing Tips You Ned to Sell More This Season’ points to a convenient infographic which discusses the pull of Black Friday (now on UK marketers’ agendas, too), Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. It suggests that, thanks to more shoppers turning to their smartphones, the influence of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can’t be ignored. If you’re looking for ways to boost your online presence in the run up to Christmas, you really won’t want to miss this article.

Right, we’re off to gorge on Turkey. Who says Thanksgiving’s reserved for Americans?!

Until next time…