In the News This Week

So, that’s it; February’s almost over! And while we don’t like wishing time away, we’re very much looking forward to what March has in store.

Next week alone, we welcome two new recruits to The Evergreen Agency team and we can’t wait to see how we can be even more productive as the year rolls on.

As ever, we’ve been keeping an eye on updates in the world of SEO this past week. Some have helped shape our strategy going forwards. Others, meanwhile, have given us the reassurance that, in terms of our work here, we never miss a trick when it comes to new developments. Here’s what’s caught our eye online these last seven days…

We’ll start with this, which was posted online this time last week. It’s a video containing hints, tips and tricks from SEO experts from around the world. Hot topics featured in the video include the future of links and linkless attribution, the difficulty with attribution and understanding referral traffic, and digital marketing vs niche expertise. We got a lot out of watching the video and we reckon you will too – don’t forget to let us know what you think.

If you prefer to watch SEO-related updates rather than read them, you’ll also love this video by SEO Round Table. It recaps some of the latest developments in search engine optimisation via an easy-to-digest piece of video marketing content – take a look.

In light of recent changes to Google, the Search Engine Watch blog presents 14 alternatives to the popular platform in one of its latest blogs. With 65% of users globally, Google is constantly on the lookout for ways to ensure its search engine functionality is the best – but is it?

Take a look at Search Engine Watch’s blog by clicking the link above, as well as checking out its thoughts on those Google changes we’ve just touched upon; you’ll find them here and here.

Now for something a little lighter…

Are you a regular blogger, for your brand or yourself? If yes, then one of Yoast’s more recent blogs might be worth bookmarking.

The article: ‘How to Handle Comments on Your Blog’, focuses on the sometimes-negative reactions you might get in relation to your posts, particularly if they’re opinion pieces. So, how do you respond?

Yoast’s project manager, Marieke van de Rakt explains all in the blog. First discussing how comments can contribute to good search engine optimisation for your site, he then goes on to give an insight into best practice when it comes to replying to them.

Over on QuickSprout, there’s a blog that’s even lighter still, though not in terms of what it’s offering. The piece: ‘75 Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without’ could well be your one stop shop to boosted SEO. Swot up and see if you can utilise some of its tips this week.

If, like ours, your SEO team is expanding, you can do a lot worse than check out this piece on the HubSpot blog. It’s been written by Kevan Lee, a copywriter from Buffer – one of the most exciting start-ups out there, thanks to their approach to transparency in the workplace.

In the piece, ‘The Psychology of Teams: 9 Lessons on How Happy, Efficient Teams Really Work’, Kevan discusses the importance of ensuring you look after your staff.

Asking questions including: ‘How cohesive is your team?’ and ‘How task-diverse is your day?’, Kevan has put together a really thought-provoking piece. If you haven’t already, make sure you check it out – and head over to Buffer, too – for some interesting insight into how a successful start-up business goes about its week.

Until next time…

  • Ryan Hanehan

    Hi Aaron,

    Your post on “news this week” are always great content, providing useful information for people in digital marketing.

    Would love to connect some more, and get your feedback on a recent blog I wrote.

    Let me know if you’d include it in your next weekly news blog. I’m going to try to feature you in some of my next blog posts.

    4th March 2016