In the News This Week

Well, so much for it being a ‘long’ weekend; it whizzed by for the team here at The Evergreen Agency – and now we’re back and well and truly in the thick of it with a mountain of exciting projects to complete!

We hope you managed to put your feet up over the Bank Holiday and get out and enjoy the lighter, brighter evenings. Losing that hour on Sunday has made us feel even busier here in our Bicester-based office, but never fear; we’re still coming at you with our usual roundup of what’s hot (cross bun! Sorry, we couldn’t resist…) and what’s not this week. Enjoy!

Just started a blog and don’t really know where to begin? We thought we’d start by talking about one of the latest posts over on the Blog Tyrant site. Ramsay, the site’s author, is hosting a Great Big Blogging Q&A to give his readers free tips and insight into how to get the most from their little corner of the Internet – don’t forget to check it out this week.

And once you’ve got that company blog up and running, you’ll probably want to look at optimising it to give it the best chance possible when it comes to gaining more traffic. If you’re nodding your head at this point, you’ll want to check out HubSpot’s piece on how to identify the right keywords. The article offers four helpful tools you’ll definitely want to try. In fact, take a look around the site in general; there’s loads of great pieces to swot up on, including this one about hiring freelancers.

By now you’ll probably know that Google is redesigning its AdWords platform. You don’t?! Find out more – and get a first glimpse of the redesign over on Search Engine Land. Google AdWords is now more than 15 years old (an ‘old fogey’, according to Search Engine Land) and is deservedly getting an update.

With its new look comes a few more practical features, too. Find out what some of them are by clicking the link above – and don’t forget to get in touch to let us know your thoughts about the changes, too.

While we’re still in March (just!), we also wanted to alert you to this interesting post by our friends over at Search Engine Watch. It brings together some of the best SEM stats from the month, including this one: ‘mobile ad spend overtakes desktop for the first time’. So if you’re really not making the most of your site by ensuring it’s responsive, you might want to reconsider your tactics as we soldier on through spring.

Now, we know many of you reading our blog aren’t in PR, but we had to share with you this piece from Branded3. It takes a look at some of the best PR campaigns around this spring, including a rather fun one via Leeds Trinity shopping centre – take a look.

Hold it right there, though! The fun’s over now, as we head over to and Sam Nemzer’s recent article, which takes things down a little bit by asking: ‘Are Keywords Really Dead?’. Sam aims to find out if topics are more important than keywords, undertaking a special experiment in the process. Discover the results by heading over to the MozBlog. And while you’re there, make sure you also watch the site’s latest Whiteboard Friday instalment, too.

Before we go, we thought we’d leave this article with you. Posted mere days ago, the piece – as seen on Search Engine Watch – lets you in on Google’s most important ranking signals. It discusses RankBrain – the search engine’s artificial intelligence system – and a whole lot more.

Until next time…