In the News This Week

As we roll on through July (can you believe it’s August this Saturday?!), we’re bringing you one last update – via the exciting world of SEO – for the month. As ever, it’s been a busy old week for those of us in Search Engine Optimisation; there’s always a host of new developments to keep our eyes on – and this week is no exception. Here’s our roundup of some of our favourite online pieces this week…

We’ll start with those kind folks over at Econsultancy, who’ve been showering us with SEO-related articles this week. In one of the site’s more recent pieces, an Econsultancy writer shares how proposed upcoming Google+ changes might affect marketers.

The social networking platform (which let’s face it, hasn’t took off in the way Google probably hoped) has been kicking about since 2011, but at the start of this week (Monday, July 27) it’s announced the search engine will stop treating it as its ‘digital glue’. What that means, of course, is it’s going to stop trying to compete with Facebook.

In the coming months, a Google Account will be all you need to share content, communicate with people and create a YouTube channel. While for some, this has proved good news (one account for everything certainly makes things easier to manage), what does this news mean for marketers like you?

In short, the piece suggests marketers can use the platform as nothing more than a ‘poor man’s Facebook competitor’ and any data already on your account will probably still be there. Don’t forget to head over to the Econsultancy site for the full lowdown.

Also on the site is this rather useful piece focusing on mobile-friendly websites. It features a host of quick fixes to help you tackle so-called ‘Mobilegeddon’ and ensure your website passes Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Of course, in today’s world it’s absolutely vital that your website works across mobile devices – and not just because it’ll look better. It’s down to news from April 2015, which talked of Google’s new ranking algorithm. What that means for you is that it’s now more important than ever to ensure your site adapts well for mobile viewing and (thankfully) this piece has some top tips.

Meanwhile, avid Ad Words users should probably be aware of the fact that the platform is due to change the quality scores for keyword. In this piece on the SEO Roundtable blog, the author suggests that Google has made it clear that the new changes – as laid out in the piece – won’t directly impact your ads, their rankings or CPCs. Head over to the Econsultancy site to discover more; there’s also a handy forum and a few tips.

We love the Moz Blog here at The Evergreen Agency. An absolute font of SEO knowledge, the site is updated regularly and there’s always something that’s more than worth 10 to 15 minutes of your time to read. This week’s no different, thanks to this gem of a piece from its author Isla McKetta. The article: ‘From Editorial Calendars to SEO: Setting Yourself Up to Create Fabulous Content’ is simply perfect for marketers who are perhaps looking to make a start on creating blogs for their sites.

Regular blogging offers a great – and almost free – way to boost your traffic, via cleverly-chosen SEO key words. Featuring handy advice about content creation – from getting started with convenient online calendars to putting the copy itself together – this is definitely one to bookmark. Don’t forget to have a good look around the site while you’re at it; there’s a host of advice that can help small to medium-sized business owners get the assistance they’re looking for.

Until next time…