In the News This Week

Well, the weeks really are rolling by aren’t they? And now that the clocks have gone back, Christmas feels closer than ever. Which is why today – or this week – is as good a time as any to overhaul your marketing and SEO efforts and put a dedicated plan in place. After all, the festive season might be one of goodwill, but it can also be one of good sales, too.

To help you on your way to boosted web traffic then, we’re bringing you our usual weekly roundup of the articles and blog posts that have piqued our interest in the past seven days.

In terms of rethinking your existing strategy, this article could well prove a great place to start. It’s Bill Sebald of Moz Blog’s piece on Analytics, in which he asks: ‘are they [your analytics] telling the right story?’ What he means is simply: are you regularly tweaking the way in which you use your analytics, to ensure you’re getting the best from them?

He goes on to say that marketers ‘tend to be buried with work’ and therefore ‘reuse templates to speed up results’. Bill’s thinking, then, is that we should ‘find stories to tell’ and ensure that those stories ‘change things for the better’.

What he’s getting at, in layman’s terms, is that altering the way you do things from time to time can’t be a bad thing. But he also throws in the advice that striking up a conversation with clients can help you discover more about what has and hasn’t worked for them historically. From there, you can tailor your SEO strategy to great effect. Try it, not necessarily during your busier sales period when time is lacking, but certainly going into the New Year.

One avenue definitely worth travelling down, as we move swiftly towards Christmas – particularly if you have products or services to push – is social media. And the folks over at Top Rank Blog have put together a really useful guide to marketing via Facebook.

The piece: ‘How B2B Marketers Can Use Facebook to Drive Engagement & Generate Leads’ went live on the site just a couple of days ago. In it, its author Ashley Zeckman offers insight into why B2B marketers should get on board with Facebook and social platforms like it. Are you, she asks, truly engaging your Facebook audience by sharing things they want to see and interact with? Certainly some food for thought there.

When you consider that – according to SteamFeed – 60% of all social media traffic to B2B websites comes via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the power of networking sites really shouldn’t be ignored. We say start as soon as possible with your social media strategy, targeting people with good quality content and relevant paid-for ads.

Meanwhile, if your take on marketing is a traditional one, then you’re in luck. Moz Blog has hit the nail on the head yet again, thanks to this piece on traditional versus digital marketing. Moz takes a look at the differences between marketing techniques of yesteryear and the options and practises at our fingertips today. It turns out, you can certainly integrate both methods of marketing and reap the rewards. Find out more by clicking the link above. Oh, and expect a few Back to the Future references too.

And talking about going back in time, round about 15 years ago a then little-known Google function called AdWords was born. Yes, it really was that long ago. Today, it’s a $60 billion business, after launching with a mere 350 advertisers in 2000. How’s about that for a success story?! Don’t forget to take a peek at the piece – and the others we’ve mentioned today – as well as getting that Christmas SEO and marketing strategy underway as soon as possible. Festive playlist: optional.