In the News This Week

Well, we’re hurtling towards Christmas at breakneck speed aren’t we? But with each and every week comes a new addition to our office – and we’re feeling more settled by the day. The blinds are now up and we’ve installed a fridge; we’re certainly getting there and we’re aiming to feel well and truly at home in time for 2016.

But hey, never mind all that! Our ‘In the News’ weekly roundup blog waits for no man (or woman!), so we’ve put it live now while – hopefully – you have a minute to read it. Give it a week or two and we know you’ll all be up to your eyes in last-minute orders and customer Christmas card writing. Without further ado, then…

…we’ll start with a site we’ve yet to mention here on The Evergreen Agency. Well, until now that is. Check out Top Net SEO’s recent post about sprucing up your blog and ensuring it’s noticeable, posted at the back end of November – which oddly, already seems like it was an absolute age ago. December and the panic-buying ahead of Christmas does that to you, doesn’t it? Anyway, we digress….

The Top Net SEO blog really is worth checking out. We say blog, but it’s actually an infographic – and it’s jam-packed with great tips for ensuring your own site – and its content – gets the boost it deserves and moves higher up the Google search.

And on the subject of boosting your visibility, how did ‘Cyber Weekend’ work out for you and your business? While it’s predominantly an American phenomenon, it’s been on UK marketers’ agendas too over the last few years, with more brands taking advantage of the higher levels of online traffic to their sites. This piece by the team at sums up the pull of this three-day shopping event, which you’ll notice is actually seeping into the rest of the week, with some online retailers still hosting Black Friday sales and deals even now.

The article in question – ‘Lessons Learned from Cyber Weekend’ – discusses Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday and its fast-growing global reach. Offering tips and hints for future years, based on consumers’ behaviour during the event, the article says there’s a host of advice to be gleaned. If you have time, make sure you head over to Clickz and swot up – it could just help you out when it comes to your next big marketing campaign.

On the Google front – and let’s be honest, most of our tips involve Google in some way – marketers are being advised to remain patient. Why? Search Engine Land reveals the site isn’t planning its new Penguin algorithm update until next year. Read the latest by clicking the link. Once there, you’ll also discover a host of other useful blogs the team has posted in the last seven days. You might, for example, want to take a look at this insightful piece, which gives you some hints about building Author Rank without Google Authorship – don’t miss it.

We’re heading to Moz Blog now, because we can always rely on the site – and its regularly-populated blog – when it comes to SEO advice. If you only bookmark one blog featured in this round up piece, make it this one. It’s a guide to ‘Google Keyword Planner’s Dirty Secrets’ – and it’s enlightening. Really.

Finally, we thought you’d like Search Engine Journal’s latest piece – published today, Thursday, December 3. ‘How to Find and Leverage the Freshest Links’, written by the Ben Sebald, touches on ways you can ‘squeeze more value from newly found links’. Head over to the site to read more – we promise you, it’s well worth a read.

Until next time…