In the News This Week

It’s been a long slog, but we made it – we’re finally in our new office!

We spent the best part of the weekend pottering about our sparkly new space, making sure it best reflects The Evergreen Agency and the work we do here – and we’ve just about settled in. In fact, as I write this I’m indulging in a huge, frothy coffee at my new desk, enjoying a gorgeous view of the bustling streets outside and gearing myself up for the big – and very exciting – projects we’ll be getting on with this week.


We hope the last seven days or so have been productive for you, too; as ever, you know where we are if you need some help ticking a few must-do jobs off your ever-expanding ‘To Do’ list.

For now, though, we’re helping remove one pretty hefty job off that list of yours by saving you the hassle of a long and arduous Internet search. That’s right; it’s our weekly roundup of what’s hot in the world of SEO. Enjoy…

When we want to swot up on the very latest advancements in SEO – complete with expert insight and all in one convenient place – we always turn to Moz. And this week the site’s team has treated us to two great pieces: a handy intro to local SEO, and this equally informative piece on writing effective copy for the web.

The former article offers some advice on SEO for businesses who don’t have a physical store for customers to walk into, with its author suggesting that local SEO might prove confusing. In the piece, she (Joy Hawkins), suggests that ‘unlike businesses with a brick-and-mortar storefront, service-area businesses (or SABs) go out and meet with their customers, as opposed to their customers coming to see them.’

What this means, she goes on to explain, is that ‘this results in them serving multiple cities, which can be problematic’, as the number one ranking factor in local SEO is the physical address of the business. So, what to do? The answer, of course, lies in Joy’s well-written piece – grab a coffee and take a peek, or bookmark it to come back to later.

Meanwhile, that aforementioned Moz piece about effective web copy is another knowledge-based article worth a look. It’s Dan Petrovic’s take on increased engagement via well-crafted content – and it comes with a handy video, too. It asks the question: ‘what’s the point of all that hard work [when it comes to content] if hardly anybody actually reads it through to the end?’ Make sure you find out Dan’s thoughts by hitting the link above.

There’s a lot more to SEO than good content, of course – and it’s something Ben Oren at Search Engine Journal knows only too well. His latest article for the site serves as a warning – and it’s a piece everyone should take a look at.

In it, Ben explains how Angular JS [JavaScript framework] could be killing your SEO marketing efforts. Ouch. He does say the post he’s written is intended for developers, who may not be knowledgeable in SEO, but it’s still well worth a read if you find yourself working with an SEO professional and want to keep-up-to-date. None the wiser? Give us a call and we’d be happy to tell you more.

Before we sign off for another week, we had to let you in on Search Engine Land’s new series about Android Marshmallow’s features. In the first of three articles, Cindy Krum will be exploring Google’s Private Index to discuss screen crawling and how the new feature might impact the future of mobile search. Potentially worrying stuff, so make sure you digest all you can now. We’re having a read through, too, but not before we grab a biscuit or two to go with that coffee.

Have a great week, folks.

Until next time…