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As ever, it’s been a busy old week in the land of SEO! While some of you may be winding down as ‘summer holiday mode’ kicks in, there’s still plenty to think about when it comes to optimising your site. Don’t let it slide while you’re away; a few tweaks before you jet off could be all that’s required to ensure your website – and your company – is ticking over nicely. Rest assured the retail arm of your site could be booming while you’re sunning yourself on a gloriously sandy beach somewhere, cocktail in hand. But enough of that (for now, at least); let’s get down to business:

Not quite getting the traffic you’d hoped for? We’ve found a useful little piece over at Search Engine Watch we think you’ll like. Written by Navneet Kaushal, the article –  ‘7 SEO Tools to Improve Content Marketing’ – offers a host of SEO tools to help you boost your business via well-chosen key words. Discover more about Squirrly – a WordPress SEO plugin which makes light work of keyword research – and get the lowdown on Google search trends while you’re at it. In short, it’s your one-stop shop for cool content marketing tools that’ll fast become a vital part of your working day.

Elsewhere on the site, ‘Simple Ways to Ensure Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Going Stale’ is well worth bookmarking. The truth is, we’re all guilty of ‘sticking to what we know’ from time to time, but what if that just isn’t working? It’s time to shake up your strategy, thanks to this fresh take on all things SEO.

The piece has been written by Britney Sheffield, an experienced strategist, and in it she discusses how you can best spend those moments when you find yourself with a bit of time on your hands. It’s time to pay some attention to those often-neglected tasks, she says, by employing a few extremely convenient SEO tactics.

Britney advises you starting by reviewing your site’s key landing pages for grammar, tone and business opportunities. These pages contain content that doesn’t often change, after all, and the point is to instead keep them fresh and of benefit to your customers. Britney goes on to talk about targeting keywords and concepts for landing pages to ensure your strategy is still in line with your company and its goals, before she waxes lyrical about the benefits of a technical SEO audit on your site. Don’t forget to check out her other top tips, over here.

The Moz blog is always a hive of activity as far as quick, simple and super duper-ly useful SEO tips are concerned – and one of the site’s latest pieces is no exception. Offering some basic SEO principles to help even the most fledgling of businesses find their feet in the often baffling arena of Search Engine Optimisation, the site is a really handy resource.  The author of this piece – Distance from Perfect – lets us in on a tale of SEO ‘woe’ that makes you go ‘whoa’ – and it’s some pretty interesting reading. Make Moz your go-to site (as well as The Evergreen Agency’s, of course!) for all your SEO-related questions and you’ll be taking a good, firm step in the right direction.

Of course, we couldn’t sign this post off without sharing with you the latest from the world of Google Panda 4.2. Like us, we’re guessing you have more than a few questions about this upcoming development, but fear not; those nice folks – well, Barry Schwartz – over at Search England Land have leapt to our rescue with this handy FAQ. Aware that there’s more than just a few people sitting behind a keyboard wondering how Google’s Panda is likely to affect them, the website’s team has giving the search engine team a grilling about the new update.

Amongst the questions finally answered are: ‘What’s New with Panda Now?’, ‘Why’s Google Running So Slowly?’, and arguably the most-asked of all: ‘What Should I Do to Improve My Website?’ We suggest you head over there now to be enlightened…

In the meantime, don’t forget to bookmark our blog and have a great – and extremely productive – week!

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