A look back at Q1 2021 – the busiest quarter in our history (so far)

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
April 22, 2021

I remember breaking for the festive period and thinking “thank heavens 2020 is finished”! It was a wild ride. Enjoyable, exhausting and full on throughout the entire year, for all the obvious reasons.

We came into 2021 with a huge amount of excitement and enthusiasm for what the year would bring. And four months in, it has not let us down.

I share much of our journey on LinkedIn and have built up quite a following over the years and I know lots of people were keen for a full update as there is so much happening and so I decided to compile three months (Q1) into a 4-minute video. Enjoy! 😀

Here is just a snapshot of the key things we’ve had to do so far in 2021:

We overhauled almost all of our systems & processes

One thing I had heard people say time and time again over the years was that as your business grows you have to build and then rebuild your systems as they ‘start to creak’.

Evergreen has grown so fast over the past couple years, we’ve gone from a 2-3 man operation to a 13-14 person business and funnily enough what works for 2-3 people most definitely does not work when you add many more into the mix.

In 2020 we could see we had some growing pains as we burst through 8-10 people and so we made lots of changes to how we work, the tools we use, and what we do day-to-day.

With our new and improved systems in place by summer 2020 (these included a big overhaul to allow for productive home working), we thought we were good for at least 12 months.


To keep up with demand we were heavily recruiting. We kept adding to the team and the Christmas break gave us time to think (dangerous!).

We came back in January 2021 and decided we need to overhaul how we managed our client accounts. It didn’t seem slick enough, communication was good but could be better and our ways of working just didn’t seem refined enough. We effectively had ‘to many cooks in the kitchen’ and we were adding more in all the time.

Stop. Reset. Win.

We have entered the second quarter of 2021 with some very slick processes and systems that are working and already showing signs of increased productivity, better output and greater results for our clients.

A new manager every month

Just three years ago the idea of hiring a ‘manager’ scared the heck out of me; the responsibility, the commitment, the cost. And yet over the past three months we have hired four managers, three of whom have started in the past 90 days alone. Stacey our Outreach Manager in January, Elizabeth our Content Marketing Manager and Stan our PPC Manager. A forth is currently working her notice period and set to join us in June.

Evergreen is providing the results that it is, because we are investing in great people and so bolstering our management team was a big focus for Q1 and I can now say that is a job done successfully (which is a huge relief, believe me).

Incredible client results

Over the past 90 days we have achieved some incredible results for our clients. E-commerce revenues generated in the millions and thousands of leads and enquiries for our SME clients. Watch the video above to hear the exact numbers, but they are super-impressive and only going in one direction.

Everything is getting bigger

Evergreen is definitely a business with the wind in its sails and that is not lost on me. I know we’re very fortunate to be a business ‘of the moment’ owing to our service offering of digital marketing. Our services are in demand like never before and this gives us the confidence to invest, grow, expand and build.

The reality of all this is our portfolio is bigger than it ever has been. Our team is the biggest it has ever been (and only getting bigger). We have expanded our offices (and are about to expand again) and we’re about to expand our service offering too, but more on that in a moment…

New services coming soon

I mention in the video above, two new service solutions we’ll be launching shortly. Evergreen SME and Evergreen eCommerce. Two dedicated solutions built around SEO and PPC that have been specifically designed to help our target clients grow online and meet their growth aspirations, be they sales, leads/enquiries or revenues. More on that to come in the weeks ahead so keep your eyes peeled.

The girls are taking over…

The women in the office have wrestled away control of some of our social media accounts. Naomi and Elizabeth are now fully in control of our Evergreen LinkedIn company page. Harriet is in charge of our Instagram account and to be honest, I’m thrilled the team want to take the reins and champion everything that we’re up to at Evergreen as we are doing so much, it’s hard to keep everywhere updated with everything we’re doing.

So, that is Q1 in a nutshell, it’s been a wild ride that is for sure and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😀

Let’s see what Q2 has in store for Evergreen shall we?

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