Breaking into the realm of ecommerce SEO writing

By Victoria Ward
March 23, 2022

Three months ago I joined the Evergreen team as a content writer and dove head-first into the fast-paced realm of SEO. I remember thinking, how hard could this be? Writing is writing, right? A couple of months later, I can confirm – it’s not that simple.

A little about me: my background is not in SEO. Journalism and creative writing are my strong points, especially long, personal feature stories. I was surprised to see that optimised writing for e-commerce websites and search engines are actually pretty similar. That being said, creating great content requires much more than competent writing skills and a general understanding of grammar.

These past few months, I’ve discovered that SEO writing is its own distinct world with tricks and rules that can quickly guide your content to the top of Google. Throughout this learning period, I’ve picked up on five essential lessons:


I learned my first major SEO-writing term while in a chat with Aaron, Evergreen’s Managing Director. He was speeding me through a rundown of all things digital marketing, content creation, and what he expected of me as an Evergreen writer: to create the best content on the web. At the time, this seemed like an incredibly large ask.

Luckily (before I could panic) he shared with me the ultimate tool to produce the best the internet has to offer. This was called the “Skyscraper technique”. And while it can be utilised with other digital marketing methods, like link-building, I’ll stick with what I gleaned from Aaron on the content-writing side.

To skycrape is to find the best the internet has to offer – the top Google results – and beat them. I can do this by analysing content for weak points and discovering where I can expand and make it better. Can I produce something with more compelling writing? Can I maximise the content and increase the word count? Can I go into more detail or better optimise it with keywords and headings?

Each piece I write should aim “skyscrape” and beat existing e-commerce content on every level by making it more up to date, better designed, or more thorough.

Write naturally

As I was experimenting around with keyword research for the first time, I realised that SEO-writing is like the ultimate puzzle. Headings, word count, and keywords were all pieces I could play around with to produce content that Google would absolutely love.

Unfortunately, I wasted a lot of time trying to make these pieces fit perfectly together. By trying to get everything right, puzzle-solving began to take precedence over my writing. I became more fixated on the pieces, and I lost the natural flow of my words. This left me with an article that could have been written by a software program.

It doesn’t need to be perfect! Let your natural writing skills take the lead. You can always go back later and tweak it for better optimisation and keywords.

Tell a story

I love finding a compelling story and running with it – researching, interviewing, and finding creative ways to share the information I’ve learned. Writing for a digital marketing agency requires this same passion and knack for crafting a good story. That’s because SEO writing, and all content-creation for that matter, is storytelling.

The stories I tell within e-commerce SEO writing can vary. They could be an informative article on how to decorate a bathroom or a comparison blog showcasing two different products. In each piece, I should be able to identify characters and plot of sorts – made compelling by introducing a problem and providing a satisfying solution.

Some common SEO stories I’ve come across since I started at the Evergreen Agency include informational articles, comparison guides, FAQs, and blogs with an e-commerce focus. Any subject or topic can draw in readers and potential customers if crafted as a compelling and intriguing story.

Be curious

Writing for a digital marketing agency requires a large amount of curiosity. Evergreen has a diverse group of clients with different passions and expertise, and I absolutely need a driving interest in each subject in order to write for them. I learned that I can be a mini-expert on any topic by opening up a hundred tabs on my laptop screen and searching for unique answers to all sorts of questions.

Genuine curiosity is vital for all SEO writing, be it in an agency or simply for your own personal e-commerce website. Be interested in the subject you’re writing on and be nosy about what other people are saying about it.

Make it Evergreen

Evergreen content, our agency’s namesake, is key to any digital marketing campaign. This was another SEO term that I learned early on, and I make sure that it is reflected in every piece I write. Evergreen content is content that will stand the test of time by consistently bringing in organic traffic.

I check that my content is evergreen by making sure it’s easy to read, has high-quality writing, contains unique solutions, is expertly researched, and avoids any language that can date it or hold it back.

The lessons I’ve learned these past couple of months have helped me create truly great content that will boost the visibility of our ecommerce clients for years to come, and that’s an incredibly exciting thought.

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