Pandemic Spotlight: How we made our clients £2.13m in eCommerce revenue during lockdown

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
July 23, 2020

I’m not going to focus on the doom and gloom of what could have been, because it has been nothing short of successful for the team and clients at Evergreen.

Like every business owner, I naturally had a “panic moment” at the end of Q1. But that’s all it was; a moment. I decided to go full-steam ahead with my plans and targets and not let the fear consume me or my team. No one was furloughed because we didn’t need to; we’ve just had our busiest period ever, meaning I’ve made five remote hires to help service our nine new clients.

This success hasn’t just been felt by our agency alone; but our clients specifically. A clever combination of skills and hard work from our SEO, Digital PR, Content and PPC experts has meant that, overall, 78% of our clients have seen positive online growth during lockdown, in terms of clicks, impressions, and overall visibility.

To be able to make a bottom line impact to our clients across a real mix of sectors, at a time that they could have lost a lot of £££, is hugely rewarding.

We’ve looked at data across our entire client portfolio, and compared this to this time last year, to produce these stats.

We think these results speak for themselves….

Our team has grown significantly in the past two years, and being able to not just survive, but thrive, during a global pandemic is something I couldn’t have contemplated back then. Seeing all these combined metrics is hugely rewarding, and I owe it all to my team of SEO, content marketing, Digital PR and PPC experts. And all our lovely clients too, for being so adaptable and fun to work with.

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