Happy 2 year work anniversary Naomi

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
April 8, 2021

Naomi was my first ever official employee at The Evergreen Agency and it’s safe to say we started our recruitment on the best foot. Naomi joined Evergreen two years ago today as a Junior SEO Executive.

We liked Naomi instantly at her interview, which was in a coffee shop (this was in the days before we even had an office). Naomi was well spoken, articulate, polite, very switched on and clearly had a huge desire to learn… I remember thinking, “she’s got the job” before we barely got into the interview.

Skip forward two years and Naomi has been on a wild ride at our agency, she has been promoted 3 times and is now our SEO Manager, looking after many of our SEO client accounts with the assistance of the rest of the management team.

Naomi is integral to Evergreen, I have pretty much built our agency around her ever since she joined. Our clients love working with her, our team love working with her and George, Harriet and I all value her input on everything from the day to day operation of the agency through to business planning and the direction we take our agency in.

For her second work anniversary we thought we would ask the team to share their thoughts on working with Naomi these past couple years. Here is what they had to say.

Naomi, this is for you – thank you for all you do here at Evergreen x 😉

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