Happy one year work anniversary Sean and Amber

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
November 25, 2021

Just one year ago today, amidst another national lockdown, Sean and Amber came to the Evergreen offices to collect their laptops as they were about to embark on their journey as junior digital PR executives at Evergreen.

In October last year, Aaron did a call out for 18-24 year olds as part of a new Evergreen Careers Initiative, to help get more talent into the SEO industry and help nurture and train them up.

Sean and Amber were the successful duo out of over 100+ applicants and fast forward a year, they are both absolutely flying at Evergreen, and have even been promoted! Despite starting a new job in a very fast-paced agency, whilst being fully remote and working from home, these two have continued to impress and bring joy to the team every single day. 

Congratulations on your one year anniversary at Evergreen! Here is proof from your colleagues on how great you are…


“Sean is a great guy to work with, always up for a chat and a laugh. Has a pretty good taste in music. When Amber isn’t on holiday she always brightens the atmosphere in the office. Mad she’s only 21 as she’s way more mature and smart than I was at that age (or even now). Not had to speak to HR about either of them.”


“Amber: Ever the style icon of the office, Amber’s funny stories (and amazing lunches) really brighten up my day! Happy Work Anniversary Amber, can’t believe it’s only been a year!

Sean: The dark horse of the office! You’re as good at link building as you are listening Sean (basically, very good). Thanks for letting me talk at you and never telling me to shut up. Happy 1 Year Anniversary.”


“Working with Sean and Amber has been fantastic. Both are incredibly talented at what they do in the links and PR department and amazing people to work with! Over the past year that I’ve known both of them, I have definitely learnt loads from both of them”


“It has been a genuine joy and pleasure to introduce you to the world of digital PR over the last year and be your manager. The enthusiasm, eagerness and attitude from you each (daily!) are unmatched and I know you both have a solid career ahead of you because of this. I’m so proud of all you have achieved over the last year, and you should be too. Happy One Year Work Anniversary guys!”


Aaron & Harriet:
“Sean/Amber, you stood out from your first interview. Of the 100+ applications we had we knew you were the ones for Evergreen and you haven’t let us down. We’re very proud of how far you’ve come already and know you’re going to achieve amazing things here. Keep up the good work.”


“Sean, it has been great working with you these past few months. You’re an excellent wordsmith with a gift for managing everyone from journalists to cold callers with finesse, this can only serve you well in all you put your mind to. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge and explaining how/when/why the DPR team does what it does. I can’t wait to see what you achieve with your own group of clients!

Amber, it’s been a joy working with you these past few months. I can see you have exactly the right skill set for a wonderful career in PR, gift of the gab with a heart of gold. Thank you for helping me to build my understanding of our clients, journalists and our overall PR approach. I can’t wait to see what you achieve with your own group of clients!”


“Amber’s always off travelling the world, so I don’t get to see her much these days, plus, I’m only in twice per week, so we’re like two passing ships in the night! But she is a funny little lass on the rare occasions when I do see her.

Sean, again, always in his own little world collecting those links. Think the main time I get to really talk to him is if we’re grabbing lunch or having a pizza date together! When we’re all in the office, we all gel and do get along – they are both very talented individuals and I even find myself learning something new from Sean and his wisdom on link building. I’m amazed by their knowledge in the little time I know them being in the industry. They have very big futures ahead of them both and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow!”


“Amber is such a ray of sunshine and the energy she brings to Evergreen is a breath of fresh air. Working with Amber over the past year has been lovely and I’m so proud of how far she’s come on her digital PR journey. She also knows all the best meal prep recipes.

Sean is one of the sweetest and nicest people I’ve ever met. He always takes an interest and makes a genuine effort to speak to you, even at 8:30 in the morning! It’s been so nice to watch Sean grow in his role over the past year and seeing how passionate he is about digital PR makes me proud to work with him. He also has a fantastic taste in music!”


Amber W:
“Congrats on one year Amber/Sean, can’t wait to learn all your tips and tricks for PR! :)”


We hope you enjoyed your gifts!
Team Evergreen x


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