Hear it from our clients: Hawkins Family Law

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
November 19, 2020

We love nothing more than letting our clients do the talking for us and so every 6 months we send a round-robin email out asking our clients from a wide variety of industries and sectors, if they would like to participate and talk about the impact that SEO has had for their business.

No hard sell on figures or technical jargon – just the bottom line tangible results and effect that investing in search marketing with The Evergreen Agency has had on their individual business goals and targets.

We have always liked to shout about our clients’ SEO successes, but it’s ten times nicer and rewarding to hear it directly from them too. And they say the proof is always in the pudding…

Today we have a family law firm; Hawkins Family Law.


When Joanna Hawkins signed her family law practice with Evergreen just 12 months ago, it’s fair to say she was sceptical whether it would work. 

SEO was a new marketing tactic to the team. It’s a challenge faced by many law and corporate businesses; adapting with the digital world bringing their website and presence up to speed. Choosing an agency was the obvious step, as there was no skillset in-house to train to measure success.

“I’m a dinosaur lawyer and we are a little bit behind the curve and didn’t know much about Google or digital marketing,” Jo had told us.


The objective for Hawkins Family Law was to bring in new enquiries and grow their profile locally; they had just expanded to three offices across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Jo continues: “Since working with them, we have seen, and I have to say with some surprise, some significant changes… our Google rankings have improved significantly… we’ve had more enquiries than I would have thought possible, and they are good quality clients too!”

It’s not just SEO, we’ve also worked on a handful of PPC campaigns for Hawkins too to help drive local visibility around key words and potential customers’ searches,

The main and most rewarding result is to see the number of enquiries increase so much that Hawkins Family Law has had the budget and customer demand to be able to hire more members of staff! 

Now, that’s impact! 

Like what you hear from Jo? If you’re in the professional services space, and interested in SEO, PPC, Content Marketing or Digital PR services, we’re actively expanding our client portfolio ready. Get in touch today for a consultation on how we can transform your business.

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