How much progress can you really make with SEO in 3 months?

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
October 5, 2020

“SEO takes ages to work”, “We’ve been warned to not expect any traction in the first few months with SEO”, “You can’t get results overnight in SEO.” We’ve all seen or heard these comments time and time again. Whether it’s from a new client, a colleague, or something you’ve read from an industry peer on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Today, I’m telling you that this is NOT TRUE. Of course SEO should be considered as a long term tactic and not a short term fix. But it is possible to make progress in the first few months, and I have the results below to prove it with some of Evergreen’s highest performing clients’ results over the past quarter.

If the pandemic has had just one positive impact on multiple sectors, I think it is the pressure and need for brands to pivot and be adaptable and agile. We’ve had some amazing results for clients in struggling industries like hospitality, theatre, and engineering. My advice?… don’t listen to anyone who says SEO can’t deliver quick results. It can with the right approach.

The proof is in the pudding…

These are just some of the great results our SEO team has created for clients this quarter with a clever combination of technical know-how, link building expertise,  relevant media relationships, and content updates and overhauls.

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