Introducing two new digital marketing solutions – the future of Evergreen

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
October 13, 2021

Autumn 2021 saw the unveiling of two brand new full digital marketing solutions here at Evergreen, and we’re so excited to launch them.

Evergreen SME and Evergreen Retail have been the brainchild of Aaron, our MD, for years. Over the past 12 months, Aaron and his exec team have been refining them, and we are now at the point where we can proudly share them with you.

As some of you may know, here at Evergreen, we have three core services that we provide to a range of SME and e-commerce businesses throughout the UK; SEO, Digital PR and PPC. These services have been the bedrock of our agency for 8+ years and we will continue to offer them to businesses far and wide.

Introducing Evergreen SME and Evergreen Retail

We knew we could add even more value to our clients’ businesses if we had a little more visibility of our client’s overall objectives, business goals, and crucially, their digital marketing channels.

Over the past few years, we have found we are able to add much more value to our client’s business when we understand the bigger picture.

It could be argued that any business online needs SEO and good SEO requires technical work, content marketing and digital PR. It could also be argued that no business wants to solely rely on SEO, and so should diversify their reliance on organic traffic with paid media spend across different platforms and networks.

This is all true. But what is missing from implementing all the above marketing channels, and something fundamental to success, is context around the business goals and objectives.

A business most likely needs to be doing SEO, content marketing, digital PR and PPC in one form or another. But there are also other key considerations to make.

  • What is most important for the business right now?
  • What does the business need to be focused on in 3 or 6 months from now?
  • How do we get the most from each digital marketing channel throughout the year?
  • Where, when and how should we weigh the resources and budget the business has?
  • What future events do we need to be factoring into our plans?
  • Where and when can we make cost-savings when our customers are least-likely to buy?

These are just some of the questions a business should be working with their digital marketing partner to answer.

The logical answer you may find yourself answering is “we need a marketing calendar and a digital marketing plan”.  I would certainly agree (you’d be amazed how many established SMEs do not have this in place).

A marketing calendar is great and a big step in the right direction, however; it still puts the onus of responsibility on the business, with an agency merely supporting the discipline(s) they are tasked to deliver. An agency may not necessarily be thinking about how the client’s business gets the greatest return on investment.

This is where Evergreen SME and Evergreen Retail are different.

Using these solutions, we are fully aligned to your business objectives and commercial goals, but further to this, we can work with you to adjust the digital marketing activity based on the demands of the business.

Here are a couple examples of how it works.

Let’s say the run up to Christmas is vital for your business to be as visible as possible. With Evergreen SME and Evergreen Retail, we could reduce the technical SEO and content marketing activity for several weeks and plump more budget, resource and energy into PPC and digital PR which is going to create as much instant visibility and traffic as possible.

Another example now.

Let’s say a business has it’s key season in the spring/summer. No one really buys the service during the autumn or winter. If this were the case, we could use the quiet season to double down efforts across technical SEO, content marketing and online brand building. Then, in Jan-Feb as momentum builds towards the spring/summer the resource, budget and focus can quickly pivot towards digital PR and paid media, to ensure your brand is top-of-mind to those now looking for your service or product. 

Our solutions put your business needs first, not the service being offered. That is the real difference and why we’re so excited about launching them. It’s a completely new way to approach digital marketing, and one we’re delighted to be championing here at The Evergreen Agency, as it allows us to deliver the greatest possible return on investment for our clients.

So how do these solutions work in practice?

Well, our digital marketing campaigns include everything you need to boost your visibility online, including, but not limited to the below list of technical and creative tasks.

  • SEO strategy and roadmap
  • Keyword and competitor research
  • Technical SEO audits and analysis
  • Content marketing campaign
  • Digital PR campaigns
  • Proactive and reactive PR
  • Creative content assets
  • Google Search, Display and Retargeting ads
  • Additional paid networks: Bing, YouTube
  • PPC strategy and roadmap
  • Ad creation and copy
  • Auditing and optimisation
  • Monthly reports & quarterly reviews
  • General business support and counsel

We have purposefully made these digital marketing solutions very simple to understand; this helps ensure they perfectly align with our underlying agency principles of transparency and honesty.

Simply put, there are three stages to how we apply this solution to your business to ensure they meet your business objectives.

Set up, auditing, research & planning 

The first stage of your campaign is entirely focused around getting everything in good shape, or as our MD Aaron likes to put it “we get your ducks in a row”. This phase of work typically focuses on the following important steps.

  • Plan your SEO and PPC strategies for the months ahead
  • Research and audit keywords and competitors
  • Audit your website and work with you to fix all of the technical issues
  • Map out a content, digital PR and paid advertising calendar
  • Define the next 90 day campaign goals

Getting creative with content, promotion & PR

With the set up work and research complete, the technical work will be implemented and the content plans drawn up. The next phase is where our team gets into production and can express their creativity across content marketing, digital PR and paid media advertising. Our MD Aaron puts it best “this is the stage where we start to make some noise online for your brand and get you noticed.”

This phase of work is recurring and produced to 90-day cycles and can be summarised in the below points.

  • Launch the paid advertising campaign(s)
  • Begin the production of targeted content and creative assets
  • Research, plan, produce and launch targeted digital PR campaigns
  • Work with our SEO team to meet agreed KPIs

Report, communicate & track progress

Here at Evergreen, we take great pride in ensuring our clients have full visibility of what is happening at all times. Our SEO team will work with you to build a custom dashboard interface that shows you exactly what you want to see (and nothing more).

One of the best things about digital marketing is that everything is trackable, so you can see how your brand is growing online. This allows you to monitor the increasing enquiries, leads and sales coming into your business, meaning you can track the progress of your digital marketing campaign at all times.

Accurate and informative reporting and tracking alongside regular communication is hugely important to us, and is one of the reasons for the strong relationships we have with our clients. They know we ‘have their back’ at all times. When working with Evergreen, you can expect:

  • Build a monthly report that shows you precisely what you want to see
  • Weekly communications and monthly catch ups on campaign progress
  • Quarterly review meetings to check on progress and agree next 90 day plans

Sound like something you’d be interested in?

So there you have it, 8+ years of supporting a wide range of clients has culminated in two digital marketing solutions that we are confident are going to be the future of The Evergreen Agency.

If this post has piqued your interest and you wish to find out more, you can read more about Evergreen SME and Evergreen Retail on their respective pages within this website or get in touch with us to discuss how these solutions could be just what you have been looking for.

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