Launching The Evergreen Way

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
January 10, 2022

Over the past few years, I’ve documented the journey of building Evergreen on social media. I never really intended to, but a selfie here and a selfie there and before you know it you’ve built an audience of thousands on LinkedIn and people love following your journey.

In 2021, it really became apparent that sharing the story of building our agency and bringing everyone along with us on our journey was a great way to build brand awareness.  It was a fantastic way to instil a fun, relaxed and relatable company culture and as it turns out, was great for attracting new business and lots of fun too.

Since 2018, Evergreen has gone from me working in my back bedroom as a one-man-band freelancer, to now a 7-figure agency employing 15 people and working with some fantastic SMEs and retail brands across the UK.

It’s been a wild ride and I’ve shared much of it on LinkedIn among other places.

For 2022, we have every intention of continuing this but we wanted to do more…

We have such a fantastic team of experts here and it’s been abundantly obvious to me for a long time that while we’re great at sharing what we’re up to as an agency, we rarely share our expertise and knowledge, or provide insights into what we do and how we do it.

That’s all about to change.

‘The Evergreen Way’ is a phrase we use within our agency daily and what we mean is essentially “this is how we do X or Y”.

We have an Evergreen way of doing technical SEO work.

We have an Evergreen way of doing PPC campaign updates and enhancements.

We have an Evergreen way of building a content plan.

We even have an Evergreen way of making a cup of tea (joking, although judging by the dish-water strength tea some of the team make, I kind of wish we did).

Yes, we pretty much have an ‘Evergreen way’ of doing almost everything in our agency, and it’s a turn of phrase you would most likely hear several times every day if you were a fly on the wall in our office.

Well, for 2022 and beyond, we have decided to take The Evergreen Way to the next level and share our expertise, knowledge and experience with you all in the form of a weekly blog and monthly newsletter.

The Evergreen Way is going to provide:

  • SEO insights
  • Content Marketing ideas
  • Paid Media tips
  • Business owner & Evergreen updates

We’re recommending that anyone keen to join us on our journey subscribes to our monthly newsletter.

NB: The first 25 people who sign up will be invited to a live ‘Ask me anything’ webinar with Aaron next week.

To entice you to sign up for our weekly newsletter, we’re going to add some ‘subscriber only’ benefits – who doesn’t love a bit of scarcity in their marketing? 😉

  • Exclusive offers
  • Invitations to our events (we’re planning several for 2022 and they’ll be fantastic)
  • Exclusive behind the scenes vlog by me on life as the MD

Everything you know and love about Evergreen, plus so much more, all wrapped up into daily blog posts and a weekly newsletter that summarises the week’s posts.

Don’t miss another Evergreen update, sign up for our newsletter now.

NB: The first 25 people who sign up will be invited to a live ‘Ask me anything’ webinar with Aaron next week.

Curious as to what you can expect to see from us?

Evergreen updates

We’ll be sharing an Evergreen update about what we’re up to, the latest hires and promotions, any key learning as well as updates and developments within the agency. All the insider information you see from me on LinkedIn but expanded and more in-depth, detailed and as brutally honest as ever. I won’t lie, I get real satisfaction from sharing the highs, lows, trials, and tribulations of building an agency. It’s become ‘my thing’ now to share selfies and reveal the inner workings of how we’re building an agency and how it’s all going from the managing director’s perspective. I’ll be writing up a diary of what is going on, the things I’m learning, the mistakes I’m making and the successes we’re having. It’s going to be a wild ride and I’d love for you to join me (us), so sign up to our newsletter.

SEO tips and insights

We’ve got so much SEO expertise within Evergreen that it’s a crime not to be sharing it with you all. So now, every Tuesday we’ll be providing insights, tips, tricks, ideas, predictions and analysis as well as case studies and trend analysis from our SEO and content teams.

Content marketing tips and insights

Our content team are a key pillar to our digital marketing services. They provide 5 star quality content which our clients LOVE. We’ll be revealing to you exactly why this content is so important to a digital marketing strategy and the amazing influence these can have on your own results.

Paid Media tips and insights

Our paid media team may be small, but it’s perfectly formed and packs a powerful punch of no-nonsense paid media expertise. We’ll be lifting the lid on what’s working, what’s not, as well as sharing insights into the latest trends, updates, and analysis within the ever-evolving Paid Media space.

Those who do subscribe to our weekly newsletter will also get…

Exclusive offers

We’re not ones for discounts and special offers. However, that said we do now have a ‘snazzy boardroom’ and we plan on making the most of it. So our offers might include invitations to come and learn from and work with our team, invites to webinars and workshops which the team and I are in discussions about, and much more.

Invitations to our events

We do love an event at Evergreen. Any excuse to order in the cheese and wine and we’re there. We’ve got several ideas for events we plan on running, from once a year meet and greets to recurring bi-monthly business networking meetups; it’s all in the pipeline and you’ll be the first to know if you’re on our newsletter mailing list.

Exclusive behind the scenes vlog by me

It’s any excuse to get on film with me and so I’ll be sharing a behind the scenes vlog once a month on the realities of running an agency, being the MD and a warts-and-all account of how things are going. This video won’t be going out into the public eye, no posting on LinkedIn, so if you want to see it you’ll need to be on the newsletter mailing list.

So there you have it, that is The Evergreen Way. It’s been an internal turn of phrase for years and now we’d love to bring you into our Evergreen way of doing digital marketing. Join us.

NB: The first 25 people who sign up will be invited to a live ‘Ask me anything’ webinar with Aaron next week.

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