Meet our new paid media recruits!

By Amber Williams
July 15, 2022

At the start of July, as a result of our Evergreen Careers Initiative, we welcomed two brand new Evergreen team members into the office.

Both Ellie and Lewis stood out amongst those we interviewed, for a number of reasons.

When we interview at Evergreen, it often comes down to a certain feeling you get when you chat to someone. You can have all the experience under the sun, and have all the right answers to the questions we ask, but when it really comes down to it, we KNOW when we’ve found good people. ✅

It’s all about their character, their personality, and their PASSION above all else.

Those are the exact traits we noticed within both Ellie and Lewis, and it’s been a treat getting to know them both over these past few weeks.

Now as a standard Evergreen tradition, we thought it best to give them a quick grilling so that both the team and those who read our blog, or those who have an interest in Evergreen, can learn a little bit more about these new team members!

Evergreen Q&A

Amber: So, I guess to start with I should ask, how did you find Evergreen? And, what made Evergreen stand out to you both?

Ellie: I actually found the Evergreen Agency when I got a message from Harriet on LinkedIn a few months ago! I got a message about a potential opportunity just as I was finishing my digital marketing apprenticeship ( I was quite active on LinkedIn which is how she found me).

Unfortunately at the time there wasn’t anything that was a right fit for me, then a few months later, I got another message (as we stayed in touch now and then) about another possible opportunity!

Lewis: Hey! So shortly after I graduated I found myself job-hunting on Linkedin, looking for a position within a fast-growing and thriving marketing agency and then just like that, I stumbled across Aaron (our awesome MD’s) Linkedin.

After seeing the passion Aaron and the team had for delivering high-quality work and the care that Evergreen employees are given, I was in. I have been interested in PPC for a while so when I saw an opportunity to become a PPC Executive I snatched it with both hands!

A: That’s great to hear! We do love a Linkedin post at Evergreen so I’m not surprised that both of you found us on the platform!

So before Evergreen, what were your experiences within the industry?

E: I’ve had a few different experiences within the industry! I had work experience when I was in college doing graphics design at a design agency, which inspired me to look more into agency type of work.

I did a couple of digital marketing apprenticeships after college where I got to experience doing lots of roles within digital marketing. And now I am at The Evergreen Agency exploring a new passion which I didn’t realise I had!

L: Alongside my consumer behaviour and marketing degree, I did some work experience with a marketing agency in London, followed by an internship with an in-house sustainability company where I worked with an amazing team to plant 36 million trees in different locations around the world.

A: Well it’s nice to know Evergreen can be that next step for you guys, it’s safe to say you’re on track to learn even more every day.

So you’ve been at Evergreen for a few weeks now, how are you finding it so far?

E: I am absolutely LOVING it! Of course, it can be challenging with learning so much, but it is definitely challenging in a good way!

I feel like I have already learnt so much in such a short amount of time and it is going to benefit me massively in the long run.

L: I am loving it. The team is incredibly collaborative and supportive and I love the work culture as it reflects the incredible work that we are producing around the clock for our clients. We aren’t like any other marketing agency and we don’t want to be.

I was told when I joined about ‘the Evergreen way’ and how it simply just works. Aaron takes care of his team so that we take care of our clients and treat their business as if it was our own and I have noticed very quickly that I am working to the ‘Evergreen way’.

A: Well that’s always good to hear! Is there anything you’re super excited to get started on within the agency?

E: What I am most excited to get started on is definitely Paid Social, I am learning about PPC which is going to help me a LOT when it comes to understanding the Paid Social side for clients.

One of my strengths is social media and was a BIG part of my previous jobs, so I am so excited to learn more about that and be able to help my own clients in the future with their growing businesses.

L: I can’t wait to start communicating with our awesome clients and building strong relationships with them so that I can report our wins and results from our PPC campaigns. I am very much a people person so let me at em!

A: You guys seem to be smashing through your first few weeks so it’s exciting to see where things could go for you both!

So outside of the office, what do you guys get up to? Our team members have a habit of surprising us when we ask this question so it’s definitely a favourite for newbies.

E: Outside of work, I go to the gym a LOT and do weightlifting as it is an amazing stress relief for me. At the moment, it is one of my biggest passions outside of work as I have become very strong compared to a couple years ago, mentally and physically – I also play football! So all fitness based as it helps me feel much more relaxed and happy.

L: You will often catch me in the Summer season with my bucket hat and sunglasses on at music festivals, moving and grooving and spreading good vibes but I also love a spontaneous chilled one away on the weekends.

I also love to get my snowboard out in the Winter season when I get a chance.

A: Interesting! It’s always nice to know our team members are taking the time to focus on their own hobbies and interests outside of the agency, maybe you can both teach us a thing or two.

Okay I feel like this final question is potentially the most important of all so think carefully before you answer…

When making a cup of tea, do you put the milk in first or after? (There is only one right answer to this)

E: AFTER!! Got to let the tea bag soak in the hot water first!!

L: Milk in after the tea every single time… but I am open to being converted (awful pun, I know).

A: Okay! Thankfully those were both correct answers, no red flags have cropped up which is good.

I can say on behalf of all the team, we are super excited by the newest additions.

It’s been a treat to get to know both Ellie and Lewis over the past few weeks and we can’t wait to see how things go for them as our new Paid Media team members! 💚

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