Our favourite digital PR campaigns this month

By Sean Cousins
January 27, 2022

Being the massive Digital PR nerds that we are, we often find ourselves comparing the latest and (in our humble opinions) the best campaigns that have been released.

We only thought it fair to share our personal favourite campaigns over the last month, as well as why these campaigns have landed the links that they have. 

Cadbury’s find a half-and-half Creme Egg competition

We love a good PR campaign that allows the public to get involved and in this case, win a large amount of money whilst enjoying some Cadbury’s chocolate… win-win!

Cadburys chocolate has launched a new campaign where they have produced 146 limited addition, half milk and half white chocolate eggs that are scattered around the country for shoppers to uncover and we love the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vibes this PR stunt is giving!

More than six in 10 British CVs contain spelling mistakes, says research

This campaign from Adzuna is a great example of why you should always update previously successful pieces. Here is the version from 2015 in which Adzuna analysed 3,000 UK CVs. In this latest edition they have scraped 147,000. They found an idea format that worked and have continued to grow and develop it over the years.

It just goes to show that you don’t always need new ideas to get links and coverage, a data refresh of an existing piece and a new eye-catching pitch can also generate great results.

Scientific Study Reveals The Words Dogs Love The Most

With such a broad spectrum of tactics that dogs employ to make us love them, it’s only fair to find out exactly how to return the favour. This study found the words that dogs love the most, by measuring the heart rate before and after saying a specific word. No surprise for the winner: Walkies!

This campaign definitely plays into the emotions of people around the country, and it has been a huge success drawing high quality links from the national publications. Definitely a great example of using scientific methods to encourage journalists to link, with a clear methodology to boot.

Our favourite campaigns in January

All of these campaigns show the variety in which unique studies and surveys, combined with creative flair can really pull weight for a client. It’s not only about obtaining the relevant links to drive traffic and boost domain authority and trust flow, but to ensure that the core of the client’s branding is put across to a wide audience.

Executing a full campaign takes a huge amount of work, but with the full implementation of creative thinking and efficient data collection, it is entirely possible for any business to connect with a previously unreached audience.

If you would like to see how creative digital campaigns could help your business, you can view our Digital PR page here.

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