Our favourite DPR campaigns for this month – February

By Amber Buonsenso
February 24, 2022

As much as we love to shout about our own excellent work and wins within the digital PR team at The Evergreen Agency, there are great things happening in the industry as a whole right now that we admire!

Inspiration plays a key part in the success of digital PR activities and sometimes those winning ideas bounce off a concept or similar idea that has been done by another brand or agency, and we are firm believers in giving credit where it’s due, so here are some of our favourite pieces of work we’ve seen in the industry this month:

  • Pandora X Marvel – Avengers-themed jewellery collection

You can now wear your favourite Marvel legends on your wrist as Pandora has teamed up with Marvel to bring a whole range of Avenger themed charms to their product offering.

We love this collaboration because it appeals to a wider range of people who may not be massive jewellery wearers but will now consider purchasing a charm bracelet from Pandora whilst the limited edition charms are available.

  • The most accessible cities – Money.co.uk

Indexes are a classic format when it comes to digital PR campaigns. They allow for multiple angles and numerous publication targets.

What we love about this ‘Most accessible cities’ index by Money.co.uk, is that it’s also raising awareness for a really important subject. If you can make a campaign that is not only interesting but also positively contributes to an important topic, you’re on to a winner!

  • How long it typically takes us to confess our love in a new relationship? – Thortful.com

We love a reactive campaign and this one for Thortful.com was executed brilliantly around the topic of Valentine’s Day.

A survey is an effective way to gain useful information and statistics from the general public that can be turned into an interesting story!

  • Queen launches her own brand of ‘pet-fume’ for dogs  – Norfolk Natural Living

Is this the best example of influencer marketing ever?? Some would definitely say that having Her Majesty on board a digital campaign would take it to the next level, and that’s exactly what has happened here.

With multiple coverages on the nationals, the team at Norfolk Natural Living has done incredible things with this campaign.

The fantastic campaigns highlighted above are a clear example of how a well thought out digital PR campaign with a clear purpose and hook can generate relevant links, drive endless amounts of traffic and position the brand across a wide audience.

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