Our promotion team is expanding!

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
November 25, 2020

You may have recently seen us share the news of our Evergreen careers initiative, where we wanted to help and support young talent in the digital marketing industry… well today, I’m proud to introduce Amber Buonsenso and Sean Cousins as our latest recruits in our fast-growing SEO agency!

I’m sure we’ve all heard it said a thousand times now about how tough 2020 is on businesses and employees, but it really is not more true for any demographic than the 18-24 year olds and school leavers. The jobs market has taken a plummet and I’m proud to have been able to offer opportunities to two bright, engaged Junior Outreach Executives in our promotion team.

Promotion at Evergreen

Promotion is a team that barely existed in our agency this time last year. Sure, we’ve always known the importance and power of links for our clients’ SEO goals and visibility objectives. But our bread and butter has been technical know-how, content and effective implementations. I’ve invested (a lot!) of time and energy into growing our team of promotion professionals at Evergreen, and we now have four – a third – of our team focused entirely on creative link building and campaigns alone. Imagine all that we can achieve now for our ever-expanding client roster!

But many agencies, in SEO, digital and PR offer promotional services, so what makes us different?

Our approach here to links is quite simple; quality over quantity. Always. Whilst it’s been great to run viral PR campaigns that have landed 200+ for clients, like our summer wine tester dream job campaign for an wine eCommerce client, this doesn’t always move the SEO needle and carry impact for clients on its own.

Similarly, having a traditional link-building approach of just reclaiming links, guest blogging or resource page listings, is not effective in silo.

Numbers and link volume can be great, yes, but the truth about digital PR and promotion – in order for it to be effective and really feed into SEO objectives – is that it needs to be relevant. And this is where our quality over quantity approach comes in and the reason why we view both industry approaches (PR and link-building) under one combined umbrella with a collective approach.

I feel like we’re on to something in the industry with this approach, and the proof is in the results for our clients! Amber and Sean are a big part of the vision for this growing division of our SEO agency.

Welcome to Amber and Sean

From 130+ applicants and some excellent candidates, these two impressed us the most with their approach, their desire to learn and their thirst for SEO knowledge.

Both Amber and Sean worked incredibly hard during the application process and have shown their aptitude over many months of self-learning and reading up about SEO long before they saw our Evergreen Careers initiative launch in October.

Here’s to an Evergreen team of 11, and growing! PS. I am still recruiting in this area and across the agency, so take a look at our careers page if you’re interested in making our team 12.
If you’re interested in learning more about digital PR and link-building from our promotion team, get in touch today.

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