Search Oxford launched with a bang in March and it’s back in June

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
May 3, 2022

For those of you who read our Evergreen blog posts, follow our company LinkedIn, or follow myself on Linkedin, you may have seen updates regarding the recent relaunch of Oxford’s one and only digital marketing meetup: Search Oxford.

To learn more about Search Oxford’s history, where it all began, and how I landed the privilege of bringing it to life, have a quick read of my previous blog post here.


Now, as the sponsor of Search Oxford’s very first event, and as a team of people who live and breathe all things digital, we couldn’t wait to head over to The Jericho Tavern and show our Evergreen support!

Once we arrived at the venue, the team and I got chatting to some great people within the Oxford digital space. It was incredibly refreshing to finally get back to chatting with like minded people, in person, and the free bar was the icing on the digital cake.

Here is a little teaser video we made on the night.

We knew we were in for a treat with the evening’s line-up of speakers, all centering around the hot topic of ecommerce; trust me when I say, they did not disappoint 🙌

First up, we heard from the wonderful Izzy Wisniewska, the Director and Head of Search at Creatos Media, with the talk:

‘Most common Ecommerce mistakes that kill your page speed’.

It was a great talk for the team to listen to and it really helped bring attention to the value of those smaller SEO tricks, that are often overlooked, but can really make the difference for a client and their ecommerce business.

‘Most common Ecommerce mistakes that kill your page speed

Following Izzy, we heard from Tom Pool, the Technical SEO Director from Blue Array, discussing:

‘Google Sheets For Ecommerce SEO’

From the first mention of Google Sheets, I knew this talk would be a hit with the Evergreen team. Tom dove into all the ways in which Google Sheets can elevate your work with ecommerce websites and it’s safe to say, the team was taking notes.

Google Sheets For Ecommerce SEO

With a short break in between to grab another drink and ask any follow up questions with the first two speakers, it was time to listen to the final words of wisdom from our headliner.

Lee Marples, the Co-Founder and Director of Think3 agency,  rounded off the evening with a talk exploring:

‘Beyond the Transaction’

It was an absolute belter if I do say so myself. Lee got all of our minds racing with how much the buyer landscape has changed post-pandemic. He certainly did a good job of planting a few seeds for both service and ecommerce-based businesses as to where there may now be areas of opportunity for development and growth. It’s always refreshing to gain a new perspective on things and Lee Marples certainly delivered what we all needed!

And with that, we successfully relaunched Oxford’s one and only digital marketing meetup!

Now you may be wondering, will it last?

Well, I can safely say there are THREE more Search Oxford events lined up across 2022 already and we would love for you all to be there. For our next event details, keep reading.

Where and when:

Wednesday 8th June, 6:30pm at The Jericho Tavern


Technical SEO

Speaker Line-up:

Oliver Sissons – Head of SEO at Reboot Online

Talk Title: ‘Creative Solutions to Technical SEO Problems’

Jen Macdonald & Virginia Rizzi – Head of Marketing and Head of Affiliate Marketing at Glass Digital

Talk Title: ‘Difference and importance of outreaching for SEO and affiliate’

Mark Preston – Head of SEO at Hakim Group

Talk Title: ‘When it comes to technical SEO, understanding prioritisation is key’

So there you have it. The speakers are ready and the bar has been restocked. There’s only one thing left to do now…

Sign up to reserve your space here!

With limited capacity, you don’t want to miss out.

Interested in speaking at one of our events? Feel free to email your ideas over to and we’ll take a look.

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