Some of our greatest hits 2021

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
January 31, 2022

Last year was a whirlwind for so many reasons. Lockdowns, working from home and whole sectors in turmoil while others, such as the digital marketing space, saw unprecedented increases in demand.

Here at Evergreen, we saw huge demand for our services in 2021 and among the many things that this allowed us to do, it enabled us to continue to support our hospitality and retail clients that had been hit so hard. Something we’re proud to have been able to do.

We decided that to round off January, we would look back at some of our greatest (favourite) campaigns and results from 2021 as it’s only now that our heads have stopped spinning from last year!

Here are just a handful of our greatest hits from 2021 – enjoy!

Video reel features:

Oxford Ski Company – A luxury ski chalet company we have been partnered with since early 2021. Naturally, they were hit hard when the ski season was effectively written off, but we’re bringing them back with a bang. They sold out for the 2021/22 season and we’re ahead on bookings for 2022/23 with unprecedented demand and a website more visible than ever, thanks to our overhaul of their menu and website categorisation, amongst many other things.

Hawkins Family Law – An established family law firm with three offices across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire. We have been supporting this client for several years and have built their online authority from the ground up. A real Evergreen success story, they have seen vast demand for their services in 2021 (maybe all those lockdowns made people decide a divorce was needed – we don’t know, just saying!)

Blackpool Grand Theatre – We love working with these guys, such a lovely client that we have been partnered with for the past couple of years. It was heartbreaking when they had to shut their doors at the start of Covid-19, but we decided early on to use the time productively to fix some website issues and bulk out their content and keyword strategy to ensure they were as visible as possible when they could re-open and I’m delighted to confirm it’s proven to be time very well spent, as they are back open and busier than ever, seeing massive demand in online bookings.

The Live in Care Company – We helped this client rebrand and launch their new website in 2021 and have very recently launched a best-on-the-web content piece for them around their core service ‘live in care’. This is a campaign we’re really excited about at Evergreen, as we can see so much potential for growth and their data is already showing massive progress. Look out for a 2022 case study coming soon for this one for sure.

Get it Made – One of our B2B clients in the engineering space, we have been partnered with Get it Made for a couple of years now helping them to gain visibility for all things CNC Machining (I know, we were like “what is that?” when they first came to us, but it’s clever stuff and quite fascinating). This client is seeing fantastic growth and lots of requests for quotes thanks to our digital PR efforts amongst other things.

Ecology by Design – We’ve been partnered with this client for 4-5 years now and every year we manage to own a little more of the ecological industry in the UK. What started as a small business has now become one of the UK’s leading players and we love being a part of their growth and sharing that success with them. 2021 saw a massive increase in their organic visibility, which is translating exceptionally well into leads and enquiries – the client is planning to expand in 2022.

Ultra Sports Clinic – One of several London based clients we currently work with, these guys again had to shut in lockdown, but having used the time to refine their digital strategy we have been able to come back with a bang in 2021! They are seeing huge increases in enquiries and leads coming into their three practices across London.

Absolutely Bear – One of many e-commerce businesses we partner with, this client is in the menswear space and so we had to be super creative with how we approached their campaign, which remains a work in progress but seeing a fantastic increase in sales. This one is a great example of what is possible despite the competitiveness of the industry you may be in.

So, there you have it, just a handful of the team’s greatest hits in 2021.

Bring on 2022! 😀

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