Success comes from being consistent

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
October 1, 2020

Happy 1st of October – Don’t ask me how it’s October already, I have no idea. Anyway, just over a week ago I published a video on LinkedIn saying we had 100 days until January 1st and that we should all use this time to ensure our businesses finish 2020 as strong as possible.

That video definitely resonated with a lot of people as it was watched more than 2,000 times and received dozens of comments. I am determined The Evergreen Agency is going to finish 2020 stronger than ever, despite everything that has happened in recent months.

Back in March I had to decide how I wanted this year to go and I wasn’t going to let all our hard work and the momentum built go to waste. With 100 days left of 2020 I put out a call to arms to businesses to encourage them to join me and make sure you adapt, pivot and double-down to ensure your business finishes the year as strong as possible.

I promised I would document our 100 days and so with just 92 days left, here is my first update on what the past week has looked like within Evergreen, as ever it’s a very honest account of what we’re seeing and my thoughts on why we’re seeing it.

Until the next update, keep pushing and make sure you finish the year in the best shape possible.

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