Talking SEO with industry icon Rand Fishkin

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
June 24, 2020

I very recently had the pleasure of chatting to Rand Fishkin of SparkToro (former founder of Moz).

This chat came about after I reached out to Rand a couple of weeks ago. I’d read and watched some of his recent interviews talking about his latest venture, SparkToro,  and I was curious to know more.

I’d known Rand had been working on a new marketing service since his departure from Moz in 2018.  I thought, what better way to find out more than by getting the answers from the man himself?

Rand kindly got back to me, and we subsequently had a fantastic chat for well over an hour, which included a demo from Rand of his new fantastic tool.

The video is below, but let us back it up a minute…

As an SEO practitioner of some 13+ years now, Rand was one of the first people in the industry I found, learned from, and began following religiously. His straight-talking, ‘critical of the system’ approach to SEO always appealed to me.

Rand founded Moz, which is one of the most well-known names in our industry. His blogs and White Board Friday’s are the stuff of legend in the SEO world, and I attribute a good chunk of my ‘SEO education’ to Rand and his relentless efforts to share, educate, help and advise the wider marketing community.

I’ve followed Rand’s journey (or ‘wild ride’ as we describe it on the video below) since his very early days after he formed the company with his mum in 2004. I first found Rand and began following him in 2007. I never looked back and still admire his work and approach to this day.

Last year I read Rand’s book Lost & Founder, which is a fantastic read for any marketer or business owner for that matter. The book is currently doing the rounds among my team, who are all loving it.

His new service SparkToro looks very exciting – I personally see it as a ‘search engine for audience intelligence insights’. I ran this phrase past Rand, who commented that he likes that way of thinking about it.

As ever, Rand is a couple of steps ahead of the industry as a whole, and this tool is his latest innovation. My team here at Evergreen are already looking at the ways we can utilise and benefit from the truly incredible insights it provides.

Watch our video below and try his tool for yourself on the SparkToro website.

Interviewing Rand was a genuine thrill for me, and I could have chatted all day. We ran over the hour I’d booked with him, and he kindly answered all my questions. We covered all sorts of topics outside of SEO as well, as there are so many more important things going on in the world right now. We started our chat with these issues, but rest assured – the conversation quickly got very geeky on all things SEO, the future of search, Google, Facebook and much more besides.

Enjoy and once again, my thanks go to Rand for his time.

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