Top PPC resources that won’t bore you to death

By Stan Welman-Williams
February 9, 2022

Credit where credit is due, I’m basically stealing this idea from Aaron with his Friday thumbs up on LinkedIn. This week what I’m going to do is talk about various PPC resources I use and enjoy.

The title is Top PPC resources that won’t bore you to death (as you can see), but it’s a hard thing to judge because I don’t think any PPC resource would bore me to death. I work in the area and need to keep up to date with these things. What I’m saying is mileage may vary depending on how into PPC you are.

So as many of you know, marketing in general is a fast paced world. Things change, approaches change, most importantly Google changes. When these changes happen you need to take time to research them and you aren’t short of tools to do this.

So here are a few resources I like to use to keep up to date with everything PPC related and these are ones that won’t bore you to death:

Search Engine Land

Quite an obvious one to begin with. Search Engine Land isn’t just a PPC resource but covers the gamut of digital marketing. It has news, articles and in depth breakdowns of a lot of new and old techniques. It’s always well written and is an essential tool to check on a regular basis so that you can keep your finger on the pulse.


Reddit, the classic front page of the internet. You can find subreddits for almost everything and this is also the case for digital marketing and PPC. The subreddits tend to have breakdowns and news but also new people asking questions which can be really useful for revisiting things that you take for granted. It is filled with loads of people who know what they’re talking about (and a few who don’t quite).

The Paid Search Podcast

I love a podcast so when I found the Paid Search Podcast I was thrilled. Something I could listen to and justify it as work. Chris and Jason are not only incredibly knowledgeable about paid search but also super engaging and funny. They cover a wide range of topics and do deep dives into loads of PPC related content. If you want to learn the basics or if you want to take your Paid Search knowledge to the next level, you can do both with the Paid Search Podcast.

There are plenty of other resources out there that are useful that I haven’t mentioned. What fun would it be if I didn’t let you find some for yourselves. There are also plenty of resources on YouTube with great and engaging hosts. It all depends on how you like to absorb content. I particularly like reading and audio but if you find video a better tool then you can find that.

Overall, it’s worth searching out all the information you can and if you have any specific questions you can always just use Google.

Oh wait, I did miss out one of the best resources for PPC knowledge and also for knowledge across SEO and Content…

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