We all have the next 100 days to show what we’re made of and end 2020 as strong as possible

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
September 23, 2020

On Wednesday 23rd September I posted a video on LinkedIn talking about how we have the next 100 days to show what we’re made of.

Yesterday after the news broke about the further restrictions on businesses I came into the office to reassure the team everything would be okay and to confirm we would be going fully remote-working once more, for the foreseeable future.

Very frustrating, but hey we all have to follow the rules and play our part right.

Last night I sat and ate dinner with my wife and really thought about these times we’re living it. Things certainly are unprecedented (that word has been so over-used of late, but it’s true).

Right now we’re being challenged like never before and this is about how we react. Businesses cannot be beaten, we have no choice but to react, to adapt and be as robust as possible.

I for one am determined to see the next 100 days not as something to be fearful or worry about, but as an opportunity.

Yes times are going to be hard.

Yes it’s been a shocker of a year

Yes we wish this wasn’t the case

This is the reality we’re living in and we have the next 100 days to either admit defeat or turn things around and make sure our businesses are set up as well as possible to ensure we come back bigger and stronger in 2021.

I know which side of that fence I’m on, what about you?

Watch this video to hear my plans for Evergreen and join me on this 100 day journey.


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