We’re not doing too bad for a little agency

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
June 27, 2022

Since the start of The Evergreen Agency in 2013, a lot has happened and a lot has changed.

We’ve welcomed some new faces, said a bittersweet goodbye to others, won countless fantastic clients and put hundreds of hours and hard work into providing them the best possible digital marketing services.

We may not be the biggest agency, and we may not have a long list of household name brands as clients or a trophy cabinet full of accolades (yet)…

BUT, this little #digitalmarketing agency of ours is achieving some not half bad things on the quiet…

2018 I was a freelancer running Evergreen from my back bedroom, no one knew me, I just did my thing and gained the respect and admiration of my clients for the results I was achieving.

Over the past 3-4 years we’ve gone on to:

💚 Build a ‘proper agency’

💚 Acquire and renovate a stunning office

💚 Support countless amazing brands and businesses

💚 Achieve some of the best #SEO and #PPC results I’ve ever seen in my career

💚 Trained and mentored some incredibly talented individuals

…and as you can see, even won a couple awards and been shortlisted for a few others.

I’ll take that as a sign that we must be doing something right and this ‘making it up as I go along’ approach is doing okay 😉

We love the practice of applying for awards. Yes it’s great for the agency, and it’s great for communicating to others that we know what we’re doing. But even more so, it’s great for our team.

With every award application, we allow our team the chance to reflect on the incredible work they’ve carried out and show them that it really is award-worthy!

I love running The Evergreen Agency. Yes it kicks my arse at times, but I love the challenge that every day brings. I embrace the journey and all that comes with that.

If you’re a business owner, remember to celebrate the little things, as they’re all incremental signs that you are moving in the right direction. 📈

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