We’re spreading our Evergreen wings, but we’ll always prioritise our ‘home patch’

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
February 7, 2020

If I asked most people where we work, they’d say “Oxford” and that is something we have worked very hard to achieve.

We are the biggest and best SEO agency in Oxford and across Oxfordshire. We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past couple years to gain that authority locally.

Our website talks a lot about Oxford. Many of our clients are based in and around Oxford/Oxfordshire.

Oxford is our ‘home patch’, it’s where our agency head office is located and where we do much of our networking, presenting and collaborative work.

However, from day one when the agency was just me-myself-and-I we have already had clients outside of Oxfordshire. In fact, some of my first SEO clients weren’t even based in the UK.

We still have clients to this day based in the US and Australia who were some of the first on our Evergreen books. They’ve been with us 7+ yeas and still going strong.

As our agency has grown over the past couple years, we have increasingly attracted a wide and diverse range of clients and quite often they are from outside our ‘home patch’ of Oxfordshire.

I recently published a post on LinkedIn talking about how we had just partnered with the Grand Theatre Blackpool.

The theatre themselves even posted a press release celebrating the new collaboration.

In the same month as acquiring Blackpool’s premier theatre destination, we also acquired another client based in Ireland, one in central London and another with a global presence and offices on every continent.

Not just SEO for Oxford based businesses then?

No, most definitely not. So, if we work with so many businesses from all over the UK and Internationally, why the focus on Oxford, when marketing yourselves? That is a perfectly valid question and I have a very easy answer.

Google & SEO!

Firstly, lots of businesses search for SEO services in and around Oxford and when they do, they should be finding us.

We’re a service-based business. We can in principle work anywhere in the world – and as you’ve read above, we do. But Google likes to ‘localise’ much of it’s content and so by saying we provide SEO and we do it primarily in Oxford. We are telling Google exactly what it wants to know.

This principle can and should apply to most of the service-based business, just think:

What you do & where you do it!

That is very important for Google, consistency in that messaging and aligning your business to that approach is very lucrative if you do it right.

If I stripped out the “Oxford” focus from our website, we could opt instead for a generic “SEO agency”. There is merit to this approach, but we’d come up against the following issues:

  • That will be extremely competitive
  • It’s generic and not as targeted as I want
  • Lots of businesses these days want to work with someone local to them
  • I’m not in the business of making more work for myself than I need to

The same will likely be the case for you if you considered trying to rank for just what you do as a service, if you stripped out the localisation.

So, we keep Oxford very prominently on our website and across our social media and wider marketing efforts so that both Google and end users (potential customers) know we’re an Oxford based SEO agency. We work with lots of Oxford based businesses and this is our ‘home patch’.

We are spreading our wings

As stated at the beginning of this post, Evergreen’s visibility and brand awareness is growing. We are attracting clients from across the UK and abroad, which is very exciting for us.

These businesses are finding us through our marketing activities, not because we’re “optimised” for their location. We don’t do any Blackpool based SEO marketing for example. But we’re out there, banging the Evergreen-drum.

The team and I are active on social media. We share insights, educate, provide value and are of use to businesses and the community in general and that paves the way for increased brand awareness, increased enquiries and a wide and diverse client portfolio.

If you’re a business owner reading this, I would encourage you to put your roots down and decide where is going to be your home patch. Don’t worry about that limiting your businesses growth, because if you do it right and follow our example, your ‘home patch’ will just be the beginning of something very exciting…

Stay tuned to follow our journey!

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