What is the best digital marketing service and why is it PPC?

By Stan Welman-Williams
February 2, 2022

So we’ve talked about trends, we’ve talked all about what PPC can and can’t do for your business and we’ve discussed how PPC and creativity interlink. These things all sort of conglomerate into this weeks topic in the Paid Search corner of The Evergreen Way.

That’s right, today’s topic is what is the best digital marketing service and why is it PPC.

Obviously this is going to be a little tongue in cheek as we at The Evergreen Agency are a creative digital agency that has many strings to our bow and we realise the huge importance of all forms of marketing. We know that without a multifaceted approach you are not going to get the same results as with a holistic approach.

That being said, PPC is the best.

I’ve been working in PPC going on 6 years now and I’ve not felt the need to leave it or move into a different discipline (not to say that I don’t try and pick up some of the things that the rest of the team are doing when I can). Therefore, I feel I have a fair shake at saying why it’s the best digital marketing service.

The Data

First of all, and as I have mentioned before, it’s so incredibly useful in terms of data.

It’s all tracked, it’s all written there in front of you and it’s all easily attributed to different pieces of work that you have done. You can look at one individual keyword and see:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Click through rate
  • Where it ranked on the page
  • What someone searched to trigger your keyword
  • Whether it got any conversions
  • What the average cost per click was
  • What the cost per conversion was

… and more!

This is all invaluable knowledge and really lets you drill down into what is and isn’t working. You can then make logical decisions based on this to improve the account.

Limited Characters

Now this second one may sound strange but stick with me.

The limited characters you get to use can actually be a boon which I’m all about. It forces you to really distil down what you want to say to your customers. Also due to the data that you’re able get, you can see  clearly what messages are engaging your potential customers and use this to inform other marketing methods.

The Variety

When I talk about PPC I tend to favour Paid Search but another thing that makes PPC one of the best marketing services is the fact that it isn’t just about showing up on the top of the SERPs with a well placed text ad.

Google Ads (and Bing are catching up) also allows you to do:

  • Display
  • Remarketing
  • YouTube
  • Shopping
  • Discovery Ads
  • Gmail Ads

It’s always adding more ways for you to reach potential customers / clients. This means that you can be seen multiple places and hit multiple touch points which primes the funnel for conversions.

Now I won’t go into the many, many other ways that I think PPC is the best because we’ll be here all day. As I said up top, obviously there’s an element of tongue in cheek within this article because you can’t market by choosing one approach and chucking everything into that one tool.

Marketing is holistic and you need multiple touch points. You need to make sure your brand has authority and you need to make sure that your business provides a good service. So, of course, it’s not fair to claim that one marketing service is the best.

(That being said, PPC really is the best.)

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