What our clients are saying in 2020…

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
January 30, 2020

In December of last year, I decided to reach out to a bunch of our clients and ask if they would be interested in providing us with a video testimonial.

To my pleasant surprise, every one of the clients I reached out to said yes.

Now, I was only expecting 2-3 to agree to it. Not because they weren’t loving what we’re doing for them, but because most people don’t like being on camera – let’s be honest.

The feedback I got was that they would be more than happy to help us with a video testimonial, as we’ve helped them so much with their online visibility.

So, I set about pencilling in some recording days and sent our video production partner Matt out and about all over Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley in the first week of January.

Matt did a great job, as did the clients, and I’ve sent them all a box of chocolates/sweets to thank them for their time (and very kind words).

The reason I wanted to write this up into a little post is to firstly share their very kind words and thoughts about working with The Evergreen Agency…

But more importantly to shine a light on a wider-issue the SEO industry has and that is the complete and utter lack of honesty, transparency and integrity.

Let me explain

There are loads of SEO agencies, digital marketing agencies and so-called “full-service agencies” out there.

But let me ask you, how many of these agencies have their clients honestly and openly talking about working with them?

I’ve done my research and I can list on one hand, those that build such close relationships with their clients. That should tell you something – as it does me.

SEO is like the Wild West in many respects. SEO agencies often promise the earth for peanuts, making outlandish statements about what is achievable in an almost immediate timeframe, with little investment.

It’s bullsh*t and you know it

Let me set the record straight;

  • SEO done properly is not easy
  • SEO does take time and is not an overnight success
  • SEO cannot be done properly for a couple of hundred pounds a month
  • Anyone promising results too good to be true for a next to nothing investment, are talking cr*p

Ask yourself… if someone could genuinely transform and grow your business and get you to the top of Google so the enquiries and sales come rolling in daily, why on earth would they do that for next to nothing?

SEO can be transformative for your business

Approaching SEO the right way can show you the value it can bring to your business. You suddenly go from speaking to these would-be experts promising the world for pennies, to having a face-to-face meeting with an agency that has the resource, track-record and experience of driving business growth online.

By doing this, you will find you’re in the right company, and can talk about how to properly grow your business.

You start by talking about your business’s goals. What is the business plan and how/where does your website fit in?

Key questions you and your SEO agency should be asking:

  • What do you want from your website?
  • What is the primary purpose of your website?
  • What does a “lead” look like for your business?
  • What is an average “sale” worth to you?
  • How many people are searching for your products/services online?
  • How many of those people are finding you right now vs not?
  • How many of those people searching, do we need to find your business?
  • How are we going to get you in front of those people….?

That’s how a conversation goes with every new client we partner with and if you’re not having a very similar conversation, being quizzed on these kind of questions – well, you have a problem!

The difference of working with a “proper” SEO agency

When you partner with the right agency, you’ll find yourself asking the right questions, and something amazing happens.

Everyone has clarity, everyone understands the plan, the purpose and the value in doing SEO the right way…

…And then you have happy clients, that are getting the results they want.

When you have happy clients, you know you can reach out to them confidently. You can ask for a video testimonial and you will find everyone replying, agreeing to take time out of their day to do it.

Yes, SEO done properly will cost you more than you may be paying now. But, when SEO works, it transforms and grows your business, and you realise that every pound spent was a very wise investment indeed.

Here are a bunch of our SEO clients talking about their experiences working with our SEO & PPC agency in Oxfordshire.

All are spending a realistic amount on their SEO.

All are enjoying fantastic success thanks to our SEO campaigns.

All are happy to go on film and tell the world how our SEO services have worked for them.

How many SEO agencies do you know, can sort that? I don’t know many… Do you?

Enjoy and get in touch when you want to take your business forward online.

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