Why “working from home forever” is definitely NOT for us

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
June 17, 2021

A few years ago, nobody would have thought that our attitude to working from home would be as flexible and universal as it is today. Predictions suggest that COVID brought the seismic shift to working from home more often forward by about 10 years, and many offices have vowed to offer employees the chance to work from home forever.

This may suit some – for those with long commutes and frustrating journeys, and more importantly, office environments they don’t enjoy, then this shift to working from home would have been music to their ears.

But as a business owner who has seen my business expand and grow during the pandemic (with a few ups and downs, of course), I can’t wait to have my team back together, doing what we do best – working as a team.

It’s so important to think about your employee’s needs, which is why we’ve had a relaxed attitude to working from home splits even before COVID.

But what has been great to see, time and time again, is my team opting to come into the office and spend time together over working from home.

We’ve yet to all enjoy our new office together, with rotas in place to keep everyone safe, but with the fantastic refurbishment that was completed during lockdown 2 ( or 3? Who knows) the team are as keen as ever to spend time at Evergreen HQ- and not just for the snacks!

The best days are when I see my team working together, sparking ideas off each other and collaborating – some of the best ideas come from getting our heads together (while socially distancing) and coming up with the best solution to help our clients, to do what we do best.

With the team expanding, I’ve taken the leap and work begins in a few weeks to knock through to next door. Having the team only partly back in has made me realise how much Evergreen has changed and grown since March 2020, and in all honesty, the expansion is more a necessity than a luxury.

It’s a great thing to say that we need more space, and with a 15 seater glass-fronted boardroom, 20 + desks, a massive chill-out area for the team, brand new kitchen and collaborative areas, I can’t wait to see the final outcome.

So, as many businesses may close their office doors, at Evergreen we say, no thanks! Coming into the office is a core part of why the team love their job, and as restrictions ease (eventually), I for one can’t wait for this new chapter.

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