My first three months in content at The Evergreen Agency

By Josie Palmer
January 10, 2020


I’m Josie, the SEO Content Executive here at The Evergreen Agency. This post looks back at my first few months at Evergreen, and the whirlwind it’s been since day one.

Going back a few years, if you’d have told me I was working for an SEO Agency in Oxfordshire, having relocated my whole life without really knowing anyone in the area, I simply wouldn’t have believed you. Often some of the most important events of your life, you don’t really think about until after they’ve happened. That’s why I’ve decided to get a little reflective three months in and take a look back at the whirlwind that joining Evergreen has been, from sending in my cover letter to sitting here today. I’ll also share some pointers if you’re a budding writer and are at the start of your career.

I’ve loved writing from as early as I can remember; I used to write fake letters from my primary school when I was younger on my Dad’s computer, and print them out for my Mum, who believed every word. Slightly off topic, but the point stands to reason – it’s important to try and pursue something you love doing! Work is where you spend most of your time, and if you can honestly say you wake up and love what you do, then you’ll bring the right attitude to the work you do every day.

It didn’t happen overnight!

Finding a job which enabled me to write every day didn’t come easy. This was especially the case after leaving University. After years of following a certain path, knowing what’s coming next, you’re thrust out into the world, all on your own, and are expected to just deal with it. Graduating is one of the most humbling experiences you can go through, as the carpet you’ve been comfortable on is swept from under your feet. Sat at home in my room with my laptop in front of me, the most daunting question of all, what next? 

What came next was a few years of hard graft and persistence – work experience, placements all over, staying on friend’s sofas, until I found my first job in SEO, living at home. Fast forward to July of last year, where I happened upon The Evergreen Agency website. The Evergreen Agency was the top result when I searched for SEO Agency Oxford (as it should be) one Sunday morning on a whim, in the hope of finding something suitable. I then had a look at Evergreen’s website and LinkedIn, and it seemed a cool company to be a part of, with new offices that looked great.

So I sent over a cover letter, and, learning from experience, forgot about it. When looking for jobs, this is important to do. Think too much about what you’re writing, and you won’t be yourself. Worry about the outcome, and you won’t say the right thing. 

To my complete surprise, Aaron got back to me, and after a phone interview, I was given a writing project before I came in for an interview. I’ll be honest here – it was only at this stage where I realised how far the offices were from home, and that I’d probably have to relocate for this job (Geography was never my strong point).

I came in for an interview at our offices at Willows Gate, Stratton Audley on a boiling hot day after a stressful car journey as I lived in Gloucestershire. First thoughts – this is a pretty unique spot for an office! I found my nerves disappeared after a few minutes of sitting down with Aaron. I quickly realised this wasn’t going to be a standard interview. I was expecting to sit at a table, and be asked the classic questions ‘When in life have you been challenged? ‘Give me an example of an instance when you have proved yourself in the workplace.’ Rather, the most relaxed conversation was had in the chillout space upstairs, where we mainly just spoke about SEO, and what Evergreen were all about. I was surprised, as it was nothing like what I expected, and something in my gut told me I’d stumbled across something pretty special.

I came away thinking, ‘Oh sh*t. If I get this, I’m gonna have to take it. I can’t not after that interview.’ I say oh sh*t as it would mean finding a house share and moving to a county I had very little knowledge of, having visited Oxford about twice in my life.

So, I set about finding a house share, and within 6 weeks of taking the job moved to Oxford. 2 months to the day that I sent out my cover letter, I started at Evergreen (now that’s a spooky nice).

This was taken after my first week – first selfie of many!

Starting the job 

That was well over three months ago now, and I can honestly say I’ve now found my work family. That might sound trite, I know, but joining a growing SEO Agency at such an exciting time surrounded by passionate like-minded people was all I could have asked for. It has made the move to Oxford much easier.


Every day is different. As well as being kept on my toes writing content for our clients, there’s always something else going on! Whether it’s being pulled in for an obligatory selfie at some point during the day (some of you will know how much Aaron loves a selfie) or popping out for a work meal, spending time with the team outside the office always goes far too quickly. Outside the office we always have a right laugh, it’s never a chore. Not many workplaces meet up on a Sunday to watch an ice hockey match with a beer- another thing I love about Evergreen. The culture is simply the best.

Teamwork makes the dream work (cliche but true)

Another thing I love about working at The Evergreen Agency is the way the team is just that – a team. We’re a unit, and we bounce ideas off each other constantly, adapting and brainstorming as and when, and supporting each other. 

Working alongside the team is never boring, and they surprisingly all put up with my constant humming during the day and occasionally bad cups of coffee (I can only apologise George). As new projects, ideas and strategies get discussed, at the back of our minds we are all working towards the same end goal – how can we make this the best it can be? This mindset is so important to have. Feeling too comfortable is often a trap. Why be comfortable when you can challenge yourself, pursue new avenues, and try and go above and beyond for clients?

Another thing I’ve learned? Business is all about the people. Find your people, and you’ll find everything else comes easy – well, easier. Building great working relationships, not only with colleagues but with clients, is so absolutely vital for every business to do. Nail this, and you can really make something great. I’m a people person, so the fact that Evergreen are all about the people is just another bonus.

Good things take time

It’s not all been rosy in the garden – I have, at times, felt completely overwhelmed by it all. I still get those moments, for sure, when I think what am I doing here? But I know deep down it’s part and parcel of relocating, and I’m only three / four months in still. The team always help out with local knowledge and I know that feeling completely settled in the area will come with time. Good things come to those who wait, something I’m truly understanding in this job. So, if you’re just at the start of pursuing your career in writing, or in SEO, remember: 

  • Don’t give up
  • Be yourself
  • Say yes to the unknown

All very cliché, but all valid. Following those bullet points got me where I am today; I still have a long way to go, I know that, but reminding myself of these helped in those low moments where I thought it might never happen! 

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