You’re only as good as what your customers are saying about you…

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
October 29, 2020

Here at Evergreen we’re huge believers that our agency is only as good as what our customers are saying about us. Yes we’re 5* rated on Google, yes we have lots of great case studies… But we also like to ask our clients what they really think about working with us.

It is for this reason, twice a year we invite our clients to go on film and give their honest assessment of working with us and share insights into the impact they’ve seen having been working with Evergreen.

In October we once again send a round-robin email to our clients and five clients quickly put up their hands and said they’d love to get involved. As I write this, we have had three produced and sent back to our agency with the other two still in production – I’ll add these to this post once I have received them.

The clients we have on film this time round only goes highlight the diverse range of industries and business types we work in. We have two professional services companies, a hospitality and leisure company, a fish restaurant and an engineering company. Enjoy!

First up we have Anita from KLG Law – Specialist Employment Law Firm

Next up we have Jack from Applebee’s Fish Restaurant in London

Now, we have Luke from Get It Made – CNC Specialists

Next, we have Hayley from Experience Oxfordshire – Destination Management organisation for Oxfordshire

Lastly, we have Jo from Hawkins Family Law – Family law specialists.

I would like to say a huge thank you to our clients for taking their time to record these testimonials for us, they are very much appreciated and our team at Evergreen will continue to do our upmost to support your businesses and drive even greater growth for your respective companies. 😀

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