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Digital Marketing Roundup – April 2017

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Well, we really are speeding through 2017, aren’t we? For The Evergreen Agency team, the time seems to be going even faster, thanks to lots of large projects to sink our teeth into – it’s certainly keeping us all very busy.

Plus, there’ll be a rather exciting announcement coming your way very soon. It’s something that will benefit small to medium-sized businesses who are looking for some help on the SEO front but don’t have thousands of pounds to spend per year. Watch this space…

In the meantime, make sure you find a spare 15 minutes or so to take a look at this month’s ‘In the News’ post. We bring you one of these every four weeks or so to keep you in the loop when it comes to the biggest SEO developments out there.

As ever, this piece is split into the same three categories you’ll find on our website: ‘Increase Visibility’, ‘Engage & Excite’ and ‘Let’s Get Technical’, with each section aiming to give you some essential advice you can put into action today. So, let’s get started then….

Increase Visibility

How do you go about increasing the visibility of your site? Of course, the first step is to put the right steps in place in terms of SEO. As we’re sure you’re aware by now (especially if you keep up with this blog every month), good keyword placement equals a higher position for your site on Google.

And how can you ensure you’re using keywords correctly in the first place? Well, it’s here that you have to be really careful. Littering your content with keywords for keywords’ sake won’t go down well with the search engine, so it’s important you add the right words in as organically as possible.

It’s something Veronica Fiscus from SellBrite.com knows only too well. Veronica got in touch with us recently to tell us how much she enjoys our monthly SEO-focused posts and how valuable they’ve been. In particular, she enjoyed the section in which we mentioned this piece: ‘7 ways small retailers can compete with retail giants using Google Shopping.’

Veronica said: “I liked finding out that Google has a low-price bias and will prefer to show the lowest price for an object. I think Ecommerce stores can use that to their advantage. “

She wanted to make us aware that SellBrite’s guide: ‘The Little Guide to Writing Better Product Descriptions’ could benefit some of the readers of this very blog. “It has tips to make your product descriptions stand out.” Veronica told us, “It covers both the technical and emotional aspects [of effective selling].”

So, you see, if you want to increase the visibility of your site, carefully crafted product descriptions may just be the way to go – don’t forget to let us know how you get on.

Moving on…

We love the videos seen over here, via the team at Moz.com. The piece: ‘Your Daily SEO Fix: The Keyword Research Edition’ brings together short video snippets from the team behind the popular site. Their aim? To answer questions from Moz readers, gathered during the previous week or month.

The site’s Daily SEO Fix offer videos of between one and three minutes which feature ‘Mozzers’ describing how to solve problems using the tools they know best – result!

Make sure you check out the post and accompanying videos, as we think videos (or indeed anything with audio) offer the very best way to take in and retain useful info like this.

So, let’s move on to the Engage & Excite portion of this SEO guide…

Engage & Excite

When it comes to engaging with your audience, it’s really all about providing good quality content they want to see. Boosted traffic and higher sales will be a handy little by-product of this, should you go about things the right way.

First, you could work on your own site and blog, to ensure you’re only putting out content that people actually want to read. But you could also look at getting links back (from other high quality websites and sources) to your site and its articles, too.

Before you do anything, though, make sure you check out this piece via Search Engine Land. It looks at four major barriers to being linkable. Now, this piece could easily fall into the ‘Let’s Get Technical’ portion of this blog, since it deals with the technical side of SEO. But seeing as everything we cover here in this roundup works hand in hand, we thought we’d add it here. After all, creating highly shareable content is the first step to improved web rankings.

Of course, before you even begin to craft any content for your intended audience, you need to work out who they are. Good news, then, as Yoast has put together a blog which will help you.

The article: ‘Analyzing Your Audience: A How To’ is just that: it helps you look at who your followers are before working out how best to market to them. Google Analytics is the best place to start – and if you have a website set up, the chances are you already have Analytics linked to it. If not, ask your web developer, who should be able to get it set up for you.

One of the most important things you can take from the Yoast article is this: the comments section of your blog tells you a lot more than you realise.

“If you want to analyze your audience and find out what kind of people it consists of, you should analyze the comments on your blogpost. What are people saying about you or about your post in the comments below your articles? Which aspects of your blog post are they talking about in their comments? Which topics are so important to them, that they are willing to engage? Analyze comments on your website, and don’t forget to monitor comments on social media either!”

Some sage advice from the Yoast time, right there – and reading and responding to comments and feedback is something we do a lot of here at The Evergreen Agency. If you don’t listen to your customers, who are you listening to?! And how can you be sure that you’re tailoring your services in the right way?

Once you know who it is you’re talking to, you can get to work creating a strategy that works. Think about starting with blog posts, as these can directly affect your web rankings – and in a good way.

Before you begin, take a look at this article by Blog Tyrant. It gives you all the info you need on perfecting your post titles, which is really the very first step to blogging in the right way for your business.

Let’s Get Technical

Right, we’re onto the technical stuff now….

We love Moz.com’s Whiteboard Friday, which includes a blog post and accompanying video from the site’s Rand Fishkin. The latest edition – from March 31 – is a great one. Rand explains that if you only have an hour or two to spend on the SEO side of your business, this is the best use of your time.

So, go on, grab a coffee and sit down to Rand’s informative video – we promise it’ll do you and your business some good. And now for something slightly different…

Just as there are hordes of business owners out there who do things by the book, there are plenty of others who just don’t – or rather, won’t – play by the rules. It’s why the folks at Moz.com have put this blog together, actually.

The piece: ‘Local SEO Spam Tactics Are Working: How You Can Fight Back’ looks at the technical ways in which some business owners work Google to ensure they appear higher ins search results. Naughty, naughty…

Written by Casey Meraz, the article looks at spammers in Google’s local results and how they could be effecting your business.

“While there are instances where spam has been removed, it seems these are not fast fixes, permanent fixes, or even very common.” says Casey, “In fact, they seem few and far between. So today I’m changing my tune a bit to call more attention to the spam issues people employ that violate Google My Business terms and yet continue to win in the SERPs. “

Head over to the article in question to pick up some tips on how you can boost your own rankings and work out who’s bending the rules to improve theirs.

Before we sign off for another month, we wanted to share this piece via Search Engine Land with you. The article: ‘Why Google’s SEO Advice is NOT (always) in Your Best Interest’ is a pretty eye-opening one.

The author of the piece suggests that the search engine’s advice can often be biased and incomplete, so it’s worth bearing that in mind when you see something pop up from Google.

Our advice, however, is never biased; we’ll always help you achieve your business goals and provide the answers you’re looking for, if and where possible. Stay tuned for our next instalment of ‘In the News’ – coming very soon.

Until next time…

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