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Digital Marketing Roundup – April 2018

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Now that a brand new financial year is here, perhaps it’s time to reconsider your marketing efforts when it comes to your website? If you’ve been putting off making some changes – especially regarding search engine optimisation (SEO) – now’s the perfect time to do so.

Start as you mean to go on and make 2018/19 your best year in business yet. To help you, we’re bringing you eight short, sharp bursts of knowledge via some of the best websites out there for SEO news and development. That’s right; it’s time for our monthly digital news roundup – so buckle your seat belts and let’s get going…

What to do When Content Fails

We talk a lot here at The Evergreen Agency about the importance of content – and lots of it – when trying to boost your presence online. We put a lot of effort into creating thorough articles, blogs and guides for our clients. If you aren’t a client of ours, it’s likely that you may even spend time writing content of your own. But what happens when content fails to hit the mark? The Moz.com blog has all the answers via one of its latest posts. The Whiteboard Friday instalment sees Shannon McGuirk offer up a useful five-step plan for breathing new life into your content campaigns – take a look.

Check If You’re Making These 8 Common Website Mistakes…

What about your own website, then? If your site isn’t gaining the traction you’d like, it could be down to some simple – and common – mistakes. Eight of them, in fact. Again, Moz.com has all the info – head over to the site to swat up. And then check if you’re making those very mistakes on your website.

How to Create a Facebook Marketing Campaign

On the content front, are you as consistent with social media as you are when it comes to updating your website? If not, then why not?! SEO.com has four handy steps to create a Facebook marketing campaign that’ll work. It starts by creating a Facebook business page, before populating it with good, valuable content. Find out exactly how to do that by clicking on the link above.

And What to Do If Your Facebook Traffic Falls…

A vital source of traffic for your website, Facebook (and other social media profiles) really need to be updated regularly if you’re to make a difference to how your brand is perceived. To help you increase your efforts, Yoast.com has put together a step-by-step guide to dealing with descending traffic. It’s an entertaining read and a piece we reckon you’ll get a lot from. Of course, SEO is a huge factor (once again!) when it comes to how well your social campaigns perform, so make sure you grab a pen and a notebook and get jotting down some helpful hints from the piece.

Seven Ways to Increase Mobile Engagement

If you didn’t catch our recent video about Google’s ‘mobile-first indexing’ update, pop over here to watch it. This is a development which simply can’t be ignored if you’re a business owner, but it isn’t quite as daunting as it seems. After you’ve watched the short video, you’ll want to head over to Search Engine Land to see what the site has to say about increasing your mobile engagement. There are seven ways you can do so; why not make a promise to yourself to implement one per day over the next week?

Here’s How to Drive More Traffic to Your WordPress Blog…

If you’re doing things properly, your social media campaigns will tie into your blog and website content, too. Everything should be seamless, if you’re hoping to show potential clients you’re your brand values and messages are consistent – and therefore build up some trust, loyalty and engagement. So, may we point you in the direction of an enlightening Search Engine Watch piece? It shows you how to drive more traffic to your WordPress blog, to complement your marketing strategy on mobile and social media.

The Power of Repurposing Content

Don’t have time to write new content? The HubSpot blog offers some valid points, telling business owners to: “Take something you’ve created, put a new spin on it, and give it new life.”

Sound advice, we’re sure you’ll agree – make sure you click the link above to learn more.

Voice Search SEO: How to Optimise in 2018…

Alongside mobile-first indexing, voice search will become more prominent in 2018. Lucky for you, then, as Backlinko has plenty of advice in its voice search SEO study, over here.

Can we help you ramp up your SEO efforts in 2018/19? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at The Evergreen Agency. In the meantime, keep an eye on our blog for news, updates and online tutorials from me – Aaron Rudman-Hawkins.

Until next time…

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